Coral Island – Best and Worst Gifts for Every Character

Best and Worst Gifts for Every Character in Coral Island

Looking for a comprehensive guide to the best and worst gifts for every character in Coral Island? Look no further. We’ll cover items that will woo your romance options and friends, as well as which items are universally disliked by the townsfolk.

Coral Island features a seriously long list of romance options and plenty of other characters to befriend as you curate your farm in Starlet Town. As you get to known the island residents, you’ll learn more about what they like and dislike. Each character has their preferences, which dictates whether they’ll appreciate specific items that are given to them. While the gifts you offer your favorite islanders may be well-intentioned, they may not always be well-received. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you’re handing out the best gifts for each character. Here’s a look at the best and worst gifts for each NPC.

Best Gifts for Every Romanceable Character in Coral Island

Best Gifts for Every Character in Coral Island
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Coral Island features over 20 romance options, so there truly are plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to dating on your playthrough. That said, you’ll want to give awesome gifts to win the hearts of your favorite characters. This means focusing on universally loved and liked gifts as well as personal favorites.

There’s just one gift that almost every character loves: Pink Diamond. Fortunately, you can process this precious gem from geodes found in mines. Apart from this, most characters like to receive flowers. While they don’t grant as big of a buff to the status of your relationship, these gifts are great to offer if you don’t have any Pink Diamonds on hand. However, Yuri and Charles hate all flowers, so you’ll want to turn to personal preferences. Here’s an outline of favorite gifts.

AaliyahChocolate Chip Muffins, Eggplants, Eggplant Lasagna, Hummus, Lasagna, Luwak Coffee, Strawberries, White Hibiscus
AliceAlmond Oil, Dyes, Green Smoothies, Minced Jackfruit Pie, Olive Oil
BenBananas, Green Tea, Mushrooms
ChaemBasil Pesto Pasta, Gnocchi, Pizza, Seafood Ramen, Vegetable Ramen
CharlesBlueberries, Burritos, Cookies, Diamond, Falafel, Ginger, Strawberries
EvaCookies, Diamond, Orchids, Peonies, Red Velvet Cake
KennyGreen Tea, Hash Browns, Lychee, Kombucha, Roasted Almonds, Soybean, Vegan Tacos
LeahHot Chocolate, Pearls
LukeButter Croissants, Eggplant Lasagna, Ratatouille, Tomato Soup, Stew, Wine
MacyBlue Quartz, Fruit Tarts, Guacamole, Pizza, Rose Quartz, Wine
MarkEgg Custard, Hot Chocolate, Shiitake Mushrooms, Tomato Soup
MillieAssorted Grilled Platter, Melon, Olives, Sugarcane, Seafood Ramen, Vegetable Ramen
NinaBanana Fritters, Flower Bouquets, Fruit Juice, Yogurt
NoahClam Chowder, Durian, Gnocchi, Roasted Mushrooms, Sunny-Side Up Eggs, Sushi
PabloCauliflower Casserole, Fried Rice, Pizza, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Poutine
RafaelFruit Juice, Onyx, Sashimi
RajApple Pie, Coffee, Coffee Beans, Donuts, Green Tea, Luwak Coffee, Luwak Coffee Beans, Tea Leaves
ScottEgg Custard, Falafel, Geodes, Giant Stingrays, King Red Arowanas, Mayonnaise, Yellow Moray Eels
SukiDiamond, Green Smoothies, Minced Jackfruit Pie, Pearls
SuryaHerbed Tempeh, Lodeh, Melon, Pufferfish, Wild Mushroom Polenta
TheoBamboo Shoots, Coconut Drinks, Fish Tacos, Fruit Juice, King Red Arowanas, Whole Coconut Drinks, Whole Coconut Milk, Yellow Moray Eels
WakuuCenil, Chocolate Chip Muffins, Mangoes, Salmon, Vegan Tacos
YuriChocolate Chip Muffins, Fish Sandwiches, Frogfish, Green Curry, Lobster, Red Curry, Spicy Sauerkraut
ZarahAzurite, Grilled Fish, Hummus, Rambutan, Serpentine
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Best Gifts for Friends in Coral Island

Like dateable NPCs in Coral Island, each of the islanders that you can become friends with have specific likes and dislikes. This goes for your furry friends, too. Again, you’ll want to try to go with universally loved and liked gifts. Jim is the only character that doesn’t love Pink Diamonds, so this is still a great gift option for nearly everyone. Flowers are also a good idea if you’re looking to score a few points toward your friendship.

These gifts aside, everyone has personal preferences. Here’s a breakdown of which gifts are best for each of your friends on the island.

AnneCarrots, Fruit Juice, Fried Tempeh, Green Tea, Hummus, Kimchi, Sunflowers
AntonioCoffee, Serabi
ArchieBasil Pesto Pasta, Burritos, Fish Tacos, Precious Gems, Ice Cream, Pumpkins, Rock
BettyCauliflower, Daffodils, Green Tea, Red Velvet Cake
BreeFish Tacos, Jackfruit, Vegan Tacos
ConnorBok Choy, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, Sake, White Truffle Oil
Dinda Fresh Salad, Flower Bouquets, Melon, Pearls
DippaBeets, Hash Browns, Hawaiian Pizza, Morels, Radishes
EleanorBirdwing Butterflies, Fireflies, Green Tea, Lychee, Pipevine Swallowtail Butterflies, Puss Moths, Spicebush Swallowtail Butterflies
EmilyAlmond Oil, Assorted Grilled Platter, Olive Oil, Sautéed Chard
EmmaCoffee, Cotton Cloth, Fish Tacos, Green Tea, Hot Chocolate, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Seashells, Upside-Down Cake, Vegan Tacos
ErikaCane Nectar, Jam, Iris, Pepper and Mushroom Flatbread, Red Curry
FrankAvocado, Bell Peppers, Fruit Juice, Hot Peppers, Pancakes, Roasted Almonds, Sunny-Side Up Eggs
JackArtichoke, Fruit Tarts, Kimchi, Lettuce
JimSashimi, Seafood Ramen, Shiitake Mushrooms, Sushi, Wasabi
JokoBanana Fritters, Coffee, Edamame, Fried Rice, Pineapple, Sautéed Chard, Yogurt
KiraFlower Bouquets, Orchids, Osmium Bars
LilyBonsais, Cheese, Kimchi, Omurice, Onigiri, Spring Frittata, Sunflower, Taro Root, Wine
LingSilver Kelp, Spring Frittata
OliverBasil Pesto Pasta, Ice Cream, Seafood, Ramen, Smoked Salmon
PaulChestnuts, Hummus, Strawberries
RandyApples, Coffee, Lobster, Wine
SamBlack Truffles, Blueberries, Cactus, Fruit Juice, Fruit Tarts, Jackfruit, White Truffles
SunnyRoasted Mushrooms
TakebaBamboo Shoots, Green Tea
ValentinaBasil Pesto Pasta, Fish Tacos, Green Curry, Hot Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie, Red Curry, Starfruit
WalterCarrots, Sake, Sweet Potato
WataruAngelfish, Black Phantom Ghost Fish, Catfish, Mandarin, Pufferfish, Rainbow Fish
ZoeCookies, Fruit Juice, Ice Cream

Universally Disliked Gifts in Coral Island

Universally Disliked Gifts in Coral Island
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Perhaps even more important than gifts that each NPC will love are gifts that they’ll dislike. If you give a character something that they like, you’ll receive a boost to your relationship. However, the opposite is true for disliked gifts. To avoid being docked points, you’ll want to make sure you don’t hand out gifts that characters will hate. This generally includes crafting materials, like wood, stone and trash.

However, there are several other items that most characters don’t like to receive. Here’s a closer look at the gifts that majority of the characters in Coral Island dislike:

  • Tilapia
  • Crayfish
  • Metals
  • Bait
  • Kelp
  • Low-quality dishes
  • Explosives
  • Insects
  • Wild Seeds
  • Compost

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