Coral Island – How to Find Hibiscus and White Hibiscus? Locations and Uses

Coral Island screenshot of the game from the official trailer, character foraging in the forest

Plan on making some Hibiscus tea in Coral Island? Well, the tea is not an option (yet) in Coral Island, but we’re still gonna take a look at how to find some Hibiscus flowers.

Coral Island is the newest game in the farming simulator genre. Just like other cozy games, sit back, chop some trees, forage the land, swim on the ocean, and make the farm of your dreams. Maybe bring a friend, or meet a new one. The possibilities are endless. Speaking of foraging, you have certainly heard someone mention Hibiscus flowers in Coral Island. This article will help you to find those Hibiscus flowers on Coral Island. Read on.

How to Find Hibiscus in Coral Island?

Hibiscus is a type of Flower that you find while Foraging in the Summer. Foraging is when you wander about the Island and gather items from the ground, like flowers, fruit, veggies, etc (note that cutting down trees is also considered Foraging). Hibiscus can be found in the following locations on Coral Island:

  • Forest
  • Bath House
  • Lookout
  • Vineyard
  • Woodlands

Also, there is a slight chance that you can find some Hibiscus while digging through Trash Cans in Summer. And what is Hibiscus used for? Let’s see.

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How to Use Hibiscus Flower?

You can use Hibiscus for various things, like making honey, selling for coins, or for an Offering. So, here is what you can use Hibiscus flower for:

  • Eat to restore 17 Stamina and 16 Health (this is the base value, better quality Hibiscus restores more).
  • Sell for 25 Coral Coins (again, better quality Hibiscus is worth more).
  • Put it in the Bee House to make some Hibiscus Honey (which, in turn, you can use to make Hibiscus Mead).
  • Hibiscus is a part of the Summer Sesajen Offering, for the Crop Altar.
  • Use Hibiscus as a Gift. Everybody Likes Hibiscus, except Charles and Yuri, who Hate it.

What is White Hibiscus in Coral Island and Where to Find It?

There is a similar flower named White Hibiscus. It is a more valuable version of Hibiscus, with similar uses. The only real difference is that Aaliyah Loves White Hibiscus. You can find White Hibiscus at:

  • Forest
  • Garden Lane
  • Lake
  • Lookout
  • Woodland

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