Coral Island – How to Find Bat Wings? Explained

Coral Island image of a cave, lava and a character fighting a monster

Are you wondering how to find some Bat Wings in Coral Island? We have the solution. This article will explain everything, so read on.

Coral Island is finally out of Early Access and the full version of the game is available now. If you like those laid-back games, like Stardew Valley or Palia, you will want to get your hands on this one. And if you are already knee-deep in the game and need to find some Bat Wings then we got you covered. Let’s see how to find those Bat Wings in Coral Island.

How to Find Bat Wings in Coral Island?

Unsurprisingly, you will get some Bat Wings when you defeat monsters, mainly Bats. Didn’t expect that, didn’t you? Bat Wings are dropped by Bats primarily, but Snatchers and Tuku-tuku have a chance to drop some. All of these monsters are found in the Cavern, located to the north-west of Starlet Town. The Cavern has four tiers of Mines: Earth (the first one), Water, Wind, and Fire (the last one). The Earth Mine is the first one that is available to you, and reaching the bottom of it will unlock the next available mine. As expected, each tier is more demanding than the last one.

You can find Tuku-tuku and Snatchers in every Mine, starting with Level 3 of Earth Mine. The chance of Tuku-tuku dropping a Bat Wing is a measly 3%. Snatchers are a little better, they have a 10% chance to drop a Bat Wing. What about the Bats? Well, Bats can only be found in the Fire Mine, the last Mine tier you unlock. But, Bats have a 20% chance of dropping some Bat Wings. But what are these Wings good for?

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What Are Bat Wings For?

First, you can sell Bat Wings, for 20 Coral Coins a piece. But, the main function of Bat Wings is gathering them for the Lake Temple Altars. Five Bat Wings are needed for the Monster Drop Offering needed for the Advanced Altar. In short, there are different Altars in the Lake Temple, and each requires you to bring bundles of specific items as Offerings for various rewards.

You can also Gift Bat Wings to islanders, but absolutely no one likes them. Rather, every Character Dislikes Bat Wings (the same goes for Silver Kelp) so they are a bad choice for a Gift.

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