Coral Island – How to Upgrade Tools

How to Upgrade Tools in Coral Island

Trying to figure out how to upgrade tools in Coral Island? Stick around. We’ll go over what you need to know to get better tools, including required materials and where you can get the job done.

When you’re just starting out on your farm in Coral Island, you’ll be given a set of tools to accomplish daily tasks. These include a pickaxe, watering can, scythe, hoe, and axe. Each is needed to clear your plot of land and start growing your own plants and produce. However, you’ll also stumble upon obstacles that can’t be cleared using the tools at your disposal. This is where tool upgrades come in. Once you have sturdier and more efficient tools, you can start collecting better materials and expand your farm. Here’s how to get tool upgrades in Coral Island.

How to Upgrade Tools in Coral Island

Early on in your Coral Island playthrough, you’ll meet the town’s blacksmith duo, Pablo and Rafael. In order to upgrade each of your tools, you’ll need to recruit their help. While this service is accessible from the start of the game, you’ll have a bit of trouble purchasing upgrades in the early stages, as each will cost you around 2,000 Coins in addition to necessary resources, such as Wood and Bronze Bars.

You can find Sanchez Brothers Blacksmith marked on your map, as indicated in the above image. The shop is located near the Woodlands in the northeastern region of the island. Once you’ve collected the resources you need, head on over and speak to the brothers. From the dialogue options, you can choose which tool you’d like to upgrade in exchange for Coins and the required materials.

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How to Get Bronze Bars in Coral Island

Depending on the tool you’re looking to upgrade in Coral Island, you’ll need several different materials. Generally, you’ll need a solid supply of Wood and Bronze Bars. While Wood is easy enough to come by, you’ll have to craft a furnace to smelt Bronze Ore into ingots. This process also requires a bit of Coal, which you may find while tilling your fields. However, this isn’t a reliable method to obtain this item.

Instead, I recommend hitting the mines to more efficiently top off your supply of these resources and get your hands on the crafting recipe for a furnace. Inside the Caverns, you’ll find both Bronze Ore and Coal. With enough practice, you’ll also level up your Mining Mastery and unlock the recipe you need.

You can place five Bronze Ore and one Coal inside a furnace to smelt a single Bronze Bar. It will take quite a while to acquire the goods you need for a tool upgrade, so patience is key. In the meantime, you can focus on expanding your farm and collecting other resources.

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