Coral Island – How to Save the Game

How to Save the Game in Coral Island

Trying to figure out how to save the game in Coral Island? You’re not alone. Fortunately, the process is fairly simple once you know what to do. Let’s go over the steps.

When you first arrive in Starlet Town in Coral Island, there’s a lot to get done. You’ll start off by clearing out your fields and planting different types of crops to get your farm up and running. From there, a handful of quests will be laid out for you to tackle as you make progress each day. From meeting the locals to exploring the Caverns and scoring tool upgrades, you’ll have your hands tied with a variety of tasks. With so much to do, you’ll want to ensure that your daily accomplishments are saved. While the game doesn’t sport an autosave function, logging your progress is simple thanks to one feature.

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How to Save Your Progress in Coral Island

From the start of your playthrough in Coral Island, you’ll likely notice that your options to save the game are limited. Without an autosave feature, you might turn to manual saves. However, this isn’t on offer, either. In order to log your progress in the game, you’ll simply need to go to bed.

In doing so, your daily progress will be saved and the next day will start. While this is easy enough to do, it’s not entirely convenient for those who need to quit on a whim. This is because the game features several events that only occur on specific days, which will subsequently be cut short if you go to bed before the day has ended. Needless to say, this can be frustrating if you’re looking to accomplish as much as you can on your playthrough.

That said, this is currently the only method to save your progress. Fortunately, the in-game day cycle doesn’t run too long, spanning the length of about 15 minutes. If you’re hesitant to let special occasions go to waste, I recommend holding off on starting the day until you’re able to complete it in full.

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