Coral Island – How to Get Hardwood

How to Get Hardwood in Coral Island

Need to know how to get hardwood in Coral Island? Stick around. We’ll go over what you can do to obtain this resource and start crafting high-quality goods.

To expand your farm and increase profits in Coral Island, you’ll need to start crafting new items from early on. While a wide variety of resources and materials can be found throughout the tropical landscape of the island, wood will prove the most helpful to have on hand, as it’s required for a long list of recipes. Fortunately, this material is easy to collect from the start of the game. That said, it’s a bit tougher to get your hands on hardwood, which is needed to build a coop and a new barn. On the bright side, there are a few different ways to obtain this material. Here’s how to get hardwood in Coral Island.

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How to Obtain Hardwood in Coral Island

On your Coral Island playthrough, you’ll need to forage for various resources to craft new items. Hardwood is frequently required for crafting recipes, so you’ll want to set aside some time to get your hands on this material. Here’s a look at your options to get hardwood:

  • Spend Skill Points on the Exceptional Cutter skill
  • Upgrade your axe tool
  • Break boxes

Spending Skill Points

As you make progress and level up in Coral Island, you’ll begin to accumulate skill points. These can be spent on a broad selection of skills, which are available on skill trees in the Foraging Mastery tab. If you’re looking to maximize hardwood drops, you can spend points on the Exceptional Cutter skill. Divided into a few different tiers that you can unlock, each increases your chances of obtaining hardwood from regular trees. This is a cost-effective option for those who aren’t willing to shell out loads of coins for a tool upgrade just yet.

Upgrading Your Axe

If you don’t want to waste the skill points you’ve earned in Coral Island, you can always opt to upgrade your axe. With a Silver Axe, you can pick up hardwood by chopping wood. Of course, this method is easier said than done. Tool upgrades are rather costly, sitting at about 2,000 Coins to up the effectiveness of a single tool. Not to mention, you’ll also need a solid supply of other resources to make your purchase at the Sanchez Brothers Blacksmith in town. With the means, this is a solid option.

Breaking Boxes

As you explore the landscape surrounding Starlet Town in Coral Island, you’ll stumble upon wooden boxes from time to time. Most often found within the Caverns on the north side of the island, these boxes can be broken to obtain various loot items. Occasionally, you’ll get hardwood as a drop. While it’s not the most reliable method to obtain this resource, it can’t hurt to snag a few blocks in the mines.

How to Use Hardwood

Hardwood is essential for upgrading your tools. You also need some to build a Coop and a Barn, as mentioned before. Lastly, it is a bad idea to use it as a gift, since everyone Dislikes it.

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