Best Ways to Make Money in Coral Island – Tips to Earn Cash Fast

Best Ways to Earn Money in Coral Island

Looking for the best ways to make money in Coral Island? Look no further. We’ll go over a list of some of the most profitable practices to help you earn coins fast.

There’s a lot to accomplish on your Coral Island playthrough, from expanding your farm to increasing the Town Rank. As you make strides in the game, more activities and areas will become accessible, allowing you to get more done as a member of the community. That said, you’ll need a solid amount of coins to upgrade your tools and expand both your house and farm. Fortunately, there’s a long list of ways to make money during your time on the island. Here’s a rundown of the best methods to earn money fast in Coral Island.

Sell Fish and Bugs

When you’re just starting out in Coral Island, fishing and bug-catching are some of the most profitable pastimes. After your first few days on the island, you’ll receive both a net and a fishing pole as welcome gifts from Sunny and Eleanor. Moving forward, you can catch as many fish and bugs as you can carry. Of course, this isn’t very many to start. However, you can easily donate new finds to the museum or transfer duplicates to the shipping bin in front of your house to pocket extra cash. This is a great way to make hundreds of coins at once, which is significant in the early game.

Sell Extra Resources

Similarly, you’ll be able to pick up various resources around the island from the start of your Coral Island playthrough. This can range from mushrooms and seashells to a variety of wildflowers, like violets and daisies. If you’re lucky, you can even pocket valuable resources from time to time by digging up clovers found across the island. While selling these resources may not earn you as much money as fish and insects, it’s still worth it to toss any extras you have into the shipping bin to make a few extra coins each day.

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Farm Plants and Vegetables

You’ll receive a solid supply of seeds from Connor when you’ve just started your Coral Island playthrough. However, you’ll pocket a wide variety of other plants and vegetables to harvest as time goes on, which can prove to be quite lucrative in the long run. While it can be a good idea to save the mature produce you’ve grown for errands and gifts, you can also earn a fair amount of money by selling any surplus items you may have. As your farm grows, you’ll likely pocket more produce than you could hope to actually use. Because of this, it’s definitely worth it to sell unwanted extras.

Work for the Band of Smiles

After a couple of days spent on the farm, you’ll gain access to the Caverns on the north side of the island. However, this area is crawling with monsters. That’s where the Band of Smiles comes in. This task force removes these dangerous creatures from the location, and you can even partake in these services to earn some money.

You can accept errands from the BOS once you become a member. These missions typically involve collecting different materials found inside the Caverns, from loot drops to mined resources. Completing these quests will earn you a significant sum of money, so you should pick up any tasks you can.

Explore the Caverns

In the same vein, exploring the Caverns on your own time can be a great way to make money in Coral Island. You can find a wide variety of different resources and materials in this area, so you’ll likely pocket something valuable each time you go. Selling what you find is both fast and efficient. You’ll also find a lot of items that can be donated to the local museum or processed at Sanchez Brothers Blacksmith. This can earn you money too, making every trip to the Caverns worth it.

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Participate in Festivals

Festivals are semi-regular events in Coral Island. While they’re few and far between, you’ll want to participate to earn money and other rewards. This involves partaking in various activities, depending on the event taking place. The first event you’ll be able to participate in on your playthrough is the Cherry Blossom Potluck, which entails a sack race, for example. The higher you place in these competitions, the more money you’ll earn in the process. That said, this is still a good way to pocket cash even if you don’t come out on top.

Accept Errands from Townsfolk

Especially in the early game, picking up errands from the bulletin board by Sam’s General Store is a reliable way to earn money in Coral Island. That said, you’ll need to make sure you can get the required items or materials to the poster in a timely manner. Otherwise, the errand will be null. In any case, most items are easily obtained from early on, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble earning a bit of extra cash by getting resources to the townsfolk.

Make Progress in the Story

Last but certainly not least, making progress in the story is one of the best ways to make money in Coral Island. This is because you’ll earn cash rewards by completing various main quests and objectives. To see what you’re eligible to receive, just open your pause menu and take a look at your tasks. Those completed will appear with a directive to Get Rewards. Oftentimes, you’ll earn solid sums of coins by completing even the simplest of tasks.

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