How to Increase the Town Rank in Coral Island – Getting Involved

How to Increase the Town Rank in Coral Island

Wondering how to increase the Town Rank in Coral Island? We’ve got you covered. We’ll go over each of the methods you can use to get involved in the community and better the town’s reputation.

When you first arrive at your farm in Coral Island, you learn that the island’s community is working to overcome a devastating oil spill. Unfortunately, this event ruined Starlet Town’s perfect rank. However, there’s plenty you can do to bring the rating up from a failing grade. This comes with a variety of perks, so you’ll want to devote your time to improving the town’s reputation as you make strides to expand your farm and befriend the locals. Here’s what you can do to increase the Town Rank in Coral Island.

How to Check the Town Rank in Coral Island

How to Check the Town Rank in Coral Island
Image by N4G Unlocked

You can easily check the Town Rank from the pause menu in Coral Island. From the menu, navigate to the Town Rank tab to see the progress you’ve made. Here, you’ll see several rows outlining various areas of improvement, including Museum, Ocean, and Heritage. These topics will be unlocked as you gain access to new activities and events in your playthrough, so you may not see all of them when you’re just starting out.

On the right-hand side of your screen, you’ll also find a tab detailing recent strides made to increase the Town Rank, as pictured above. You’ll want to monitor this column, as it will let you know how many points have gone towards helping the community.

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How to Improve the Town Rank in Coral Island

There are several ways you can go about improving the town’s rating in Coral Island. Luckily, you’ll have everything you need to start putting in work early on. Here’s a look at different methods to help Starlet Town’s reputation:

  • Donate to the museum
  • Make offerings at Lake Temple
  • Clean the ocean

Donating to the Museum

Donating to the museum in Coral Island
Image by N4G Unlocked

From the start of your Coral Island playthrough, you can begin making donations to the Museum in town. Scott will give you a rundown of what kinds of donations the facility will accept. This includes fish, insects, sea critters, artifacts, fossils, and gems. Once you receive a fishing rod and bug-catching net from Sunny and Eleanor, your job is made much easier. Fortunately, you’ll receive this equipment after a couple of days on the island, so you can work on obtaining various species and items ASAP. Just head to the donation box inside to send off what you’ve collected.

You can find different species of bugs inhabiting the island at all hours of the day. Fish can be caught at pretty much any water source, whether freshwater or saltwater. However, you’ll need to go diving to collect sea critters. Lastly, you can find a variety of fossils, artifacts, and gems as you explore the Cavern.

Completing Lake Temple Offerings

Making Lake Temple offerings in Coral Island
Image by N4G Unlocked

Before you can start making offerings at Lake Temple, you’ll need to complete the Mythical Dream quest. This is initiated after you awake from a strange dream during your first week on the island. After completing this task, you can work to better the Town Rank and your relationships with the Goddess and Giants by offering items.

Generally, you will be asked to make a specific offering, which includes a bundle of items and materials. Some are more difficult to obtain than others, so it’s important to put effort into expanding your farm as you make progress.

Cleaning Up the Ocean

Cleaning the ocean in Coral Island
Image by N4G Unlocked

Soon after you obtain the fishing rod and bug-catching net, you’ll gain access to diving in Coral Island. Just as you received a letter from Sunny and Eleanor, Dr. Ling of the local lab will invite you to the pier by mail. When you meet her there, she’ll go over what you need to know about diving, allowing you to get started. Beneath the ocean’s surface, you’ll find huge amounts of trash to clear as you work to activate solar orbs. These devices will heal coral sites when activated, which helps to improve the Town Rank.

Be sure to do everything you can to help the town’s recovering community. In turn, this will increase the Town Rank in no time. For more on Coral Island, check out these additional guides from our team:


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