Coral Island – How to get Hay and what is it used for

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Are you stuck with ever-dwindling amounts of animal feed? Read on then, because this guide will explain how to get Hay in Coral Island and what it’s good for.

Coral Island is a cosy farming game that will immediately appeal to fans of games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. In Coral Island, you can build your own farm, harvest crops, and raise animals. Meanwhile, you can interact with the vibrant community of Starlet Town. Moreover, future plans include being able to play with your friends and building a nice little farming community. With such lofty plans, you can’t forget about the basics. And nothing in farming is more basic than hay. So let’s see how to get hay in Coral Island.

How to get Hay in Coral Island

There are a few ways to get hay in Coral Island. It isn’t too difficult to get, and fortunately, there are several methods to get all the hay you need. It can be found randomly in destructible boxes or it can sometimes be looted when cutting grass and weeds with your Scythe. However, the best method to obtain hay is by using a Dehydrator.

You will first need to build the Dehydrator on your farm and gather up some Fiber. Fortunately, Fiber is also obtained through cutting grass with your Scythe, so that’s an effective activity either way. Place 2 Fibers into the Dehydrator and after two hours, you will get 1 Hay.

If you’re flush with cash, you can straight-up buy hay from the stores. You can get it from the Ranch if your Town Rank is F or better for 30 Coins. Otherwise, you can get it from the Animal Festival event for 24 Coins.

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What is Hay used for in Coral Island?

The main use for hay is as animal feed. You can build Silos to store any extra hay that you have and put its dispenser facing your barns and coops to feed the animals. Each individual Silo can store 100 hay and will be able to automatically store hay for you after being built.

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