Coral Island – Tree Planting Festival, Explained

Coral Island Tree Planting Festival

Looking for a guide on the Tree Planting Festival in Coral Island? Look no further. We’ll explain what this Spring event entails, how to participate, and rewards you’ll receive.

Coral Island is packed to the brim with daily farming activities and regular events to keep you busy on your playthrough. While your primary objective is to restore both the island’s reputation and the community’s relationship with the Goddess of Lake Temple, these tropical pastimes actually help your cause. Because of this, you’ll want to participate in seasonal events when they arrive, starting off with the Cherry Blossom Potluck and the Tree Planting Festival in the Spring. Like the first, the latter event involves several activities, this time focusing on cleaning up the environment. Here’s everything you need to know about the Tree Planting Festival in Coral Island.

What is the Tree Planting Festival in Coral Island?

In Coral Island, the Tree Planting Festival is the second event that takes place during the Spring. It revolves around bettering the island’s environment by clearing debris, prepping soil, and, of course, planting new trees. While you won’t exactly be penalized if you aren’t interested in participating, you’ll certainly be missing out on an opportunity to earn Merit Points. That said, I recommend popping in to spend the day putting in work for the community.

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How to Participate in the Tree Planting Festival in Coral Island

The festival takes place on Spring 21 between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. You’ll receive a reminder for the event by mail on the day before it begins. To participate, you’ll need to head over to the ranch north of your farm around the time it begins. There, you’ll spot a green balloon marking the event. Interact with it to select the Start prompt.

Once the event begins, you’re free to explore the grounds and purchase special items related to the festival. To get started on the main event, speak with Mayor Connor.

Completing Festival Activities

The festival is broken down into three different activities, including the following:

  • Clearing debris – The first part of the event requires you to clear the designated area, just as you were tasked with clearing your field at the start of your playthrough. This means you’ll need to rely on the tools at your disposal, particularly your axe and scythe. You’ll need to break down a significant amount of logs, stumps, grass, and trash, but don’t worry about losing stamina. Your meter will be left untouched during the event.
  • Tilling the soil – Next, you’ll need to prepare the soil for planting. This requires you to till the field with your hoe. You’ll only need to till designated 2×2 patches, so this process isn’t too lengthy. Just make sure you get to each square to move on to the next stage.
  • Planting saplings – With a freshly tilled field, you’re finally ready to plant some new trees. The goal here is to get 10 saplings into the ground to increase the amount of trees on the island. You’ll be given these starter trees to plant in the designated areas. Once this is accomplished, you’ll finish off the event following a cutscene.

Festival Shop Items

Like other events, the Tree Planting Festival offers up a variety of items to purchase. If you have the means, I recommend buying a little bit of everything, as you’ll need several of the available items to make a Fall offering bundle at the Lake Temple. Here’s a look at what you can buy from the event shop:

Pine Cone5 Coins
Maple Seeds5 Coins
Oak Seeds5 Coins
Wild Seeds30 Coins
Candied Tree Seeds56 Coins
Compost10 Coins
Fertilizer I32 Coins
Fertilizer II56 Coins

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