Coral Island – All Lake Temple Offerings, Listed

All Lake Temple Offerings in Coral Island

Looking for a working list of all Lake Temple offerings in Coral Island? Look no further. Stick around for details about each bundle you’ll need to complete for every altar.

Serving as the home of the Goddess, the Lake Temple holds a lot of significance in Coral Island. From the start of your playthrough, you’ll work to restore the culture of Starlet Town, which has suffered as a result of a devastating oil spill. To improve the town’s relationship with the Goddess and Giants, you’ll need to make several offerings at the temple. These typically consist of five or more items, which make up a single bundle. By completing a requested bundle at the Temple, you’ll often receive various rewards, depending on the offering made. Here’s a comprehensive list of all Lake Temple offerings in Coral Island.

All Lake Temple Offerings in Coral Island

Inside the Lake Temple in Coral Island, you’ll have access to several altars. These can generally be categorized into tiers, as each is more trying than the last. That said, each altar requires different types of bundles, prompting you to acquire a variety of resources using several methods. Here’s a look at all accessible altars in the Temple:

  • Crop Altar
  • Catch Altar
  • Advanced Altar
  • Rare Altar

Crop Altar Offering Bundles

Essential Resourcesx10 Fiber
x5 Maple Seeds
x5 Oak Seeds
x5 Pine Cones
x10 Sap
x10 Stone
x10 Wood
x1 Recycling Machine
Spring Sesajenx1 Carrot
x1 Daisy
x1 Morel
x1 Turnip
x1 Wasabi
x8 Sugarcane Seeds
Summer Sesajenx1 Blueberry
x1 Hibiscus
x1 Hot Pepper
x1 Shallot
x1 Sunflower
x8 Tomato Seeds
Fall Sesajenx1 Black Trumpet
x1 Fig
x1 Orchid
x1 Pumpkin
x1 Rice (Bronze quality)
x8 Barley Seeds
Winter Sesajenx1 Brussel Sprout
x1 Kale
x1 Rose Hip
x1 Snowdrop
x1 Tea Leaf (Bronze quality)
x8 Tea Seeds
Ocean Lootx1 Blue Mussel
x1 Calico Scallop
x1 Eastern Oyster
x1 Purple Urchin
x5 Sea Salt
x1 Dehydrator
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Catch Altar Offering Bundles

Freshwater Fishx1 Catfish
x1 Koi (Silver quality)
x1 Rainbow Fish
x1 Silver Arowana
x1 Tilapia
x1 Large Fish Bait
Saltwater Fishx1 Asian Sheepshead
x1 Lionfish
x1 Pink Snapper
x1 Sardine (Silver quality)
x1 Yellowfin Tuna
x1 Small Fish Bait
Rare Fishx1 Arapaima
x1 Gator Gar
x1 Giant Sea Bass
x1 Sturgeon
x1 Yellow Moray Eel
x1 Fish Pond
Day Insectx1 Assam Silk Moth
x1 Monarch Caterpillar
x1 Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly
x1 Tiger Beetle
x1 Yucca Moth
x1 Bee House
Night Insectx1 Atlas Moth
x1 Cecropia Caterpillar
x1 Centipede
x1 Firefly
x1 Rove Beetle
x1 Tap
Ocean Crittersx1 Cannonball Jellyfish
x1 Hermit Crab
x1 Pom-pom Crab
x1 Sexy Shrimp
x1 Sunflower Sea Star
x1 Crawler Trap

Advanced Altar Offering Bundles

Barn Animalsx1 Goat Milk
x1 Large Goat Milk
x1 Milk
x1 Large Milk
x1 Wool
x1 Large Wool
x1 Cheese Press
Coop Animalsx1 Duck Egg
x1 Large Duck Egg
x1 Egg
x1 Large Egg
x1 Mayonnaise Machine
Basic Cookingx1 Grilled Fish
x1 Onigiri
x1 Smoothie
x1 Sunny-Side Up Eggs
x1 Tomato Soup
x1 Oil Press
Basic Artisanx1 Butter (any)
x1 Dried Scavengables (any)
x1 Fruit Juice (any)
x1 Mayonnaise (any)
x1 Pickles (any)
x1 Keg
Fruit Plantx1 Almond (Silver quality)
x1 Apple (Silver quality)
x1 Cocoa Bean (Silver quality)
x1 Dragonfruit (Silver quality)
x1 Durian (Silver quality)
x1 Lemon (Silver quality)
x1 Mango (Silver quality)
x1 Rambutan (Silver quality)
x1 Sprinkler II
Monster Lootx5 Bat Wings
x5 Monster Essence
x5 Silky Fur
x5 Slime Goop
x5 Tough Meat
x5 Explosives III
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Rare Altar Offering Bundles

Rare Cropsx1 Cactus (Osmium)
x1 Coffee Bean (Osmium)
x1 Cotton (Osmium)
x1 Garlic (Osmium)
x1 Snowdrop (Osmium)
x1 Sprinkler III
Precious Gemsx1 Black Opal
x1 Diamond
x1 Labradorite
x1 Peridot
x1 Red Beryl
x1 Slime of Replication
Rare Cooking x1 Apple Pie
x1 Es Cendol
x1 Pad Thai
x1 Serabi
x1 Vegan Taco
x1 Jamu Recipe
Rare Artisanx1 Apple Wine
x1 Fermented Goat Cheese Wheel
x1 Kimchi (any)
x1 Titan Arum Black Honey
x1 White Truffle Oil
x1 Aging Barrel
Rare Ranching Productsx1 Black Truffle
x1 Large Gesha Coffee Bean
x1 Large Feather
x1 Large Llama Wool
x1 Large Quail Egg
x1 Auto Petter
Rare Resourcesx3 Bronze Kelp Essence
x3 Silver Kelp Essence
x3 Gold Kelp Essence
x3 Copper Bars
x3 Silver Bars
x3 Gold Bars
x3 Osmium Kelp Essence

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