How Many Pets Can You Have in Coral Island? – Answered

Player visits the Pet Adoption Center in Coral Island

Wondering how many pets you can have in Coral Island? You’re not alone. We’ll answer this burning question, as well as how to adopt animals from the Community Center in town.

Just as Coral Island offers up a long list of romanceable characters, you also have your pick of the lot when it comes to adoptable pets. With 20 furry (and scaly) friends available at the Community Center in Starlet Town, it’s tough to choose which animals to take home with you. From the tiny black cat named Trinket to Spiker Doo, a humongous yet friendly dog, you might be tempted to adopt them all. Of course, this raises the question: Exactly how many pets can you have in Coral Island? Here’s everything you need to know about adopting a new companion.

How Many Pets Can You Have in Coral Island?

We have a bit of bad news for animal lovers. You can only have one pet at a time in Coral Island, seriously limiting your options at the Pet Shelter inside the Community Center.

Because these companions are distinct from farm animals in that they don’t provide any products, they aren’t entirely essential to keep at home. In any case, many players remain hopeful that we’ll be able to adopt more animals from the shelter with a future update.

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How to Adopt Pets in Coral Island

In order to adopt a furry friend in Coral Island, you’ll first need to reach Town Rank E. When you manage to do this, you can then purchase a pet bed. The type of bed doesn’t really matter, so be sure to choose one that you like. Once you place it somewhere in your house, head back to the shelter and interact with the front desk to choose which animal you’d like to take home.

Note: The number of pet beds you’ve purchased doesn’t affect how many animals you can house at once. This essentially just gives you more options when you’re curating a specific style or aesthetic at home.

All Adoptable Pets in Coral Island

Spike BonkersDog
Spiker DooDog
Gary KunCat
Kit KatCat
Mr. FluffCat

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