When Is the Full Release Date of Palworld? Early Access’ Pricing and Demo

Palworld image of a Totoro-like Pal with a minigun

Palworld is the new craze and is now playable in Early Access. But when is the full release date of Palworld? Is there one? Let’s see.

We can never have enough cozy crafting games. Recently, Pocket Pair released Palworld and it quickly became the talk of the town. This new game is an open-world survival crafting game, where you hang out with cute little creatures called Pals. These Pals can fight alongside you, against you, help around the base, serve as mounts, basically anything. Dubbed ”Pokemon with guns” by gamers, Palworld sure is a crazy multiplayer game that can have up to 32 players in the world. It obviously takes inspiration from games such as Pokemon, ARK: Survival Evolved, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but with a unique twist. As mentioned earlier, Palworld is in Early Access now. Is there a full release planned anytime soon? When is the full release date of Palworld?

When Is Palworld Leaving Early Access? Is There a Full Release Date?

At the time of writing, there is no official information regarding the full official release of the complete and finished Palworld. The only related info we got from the devs is “We plan to improve the quality of the game by making various improvements throughout early access for at least one year.” Only recently, on January 19, it became playable as Early Access. It isn’t unheard of that Early Access games can stay like that for years. Craftopia, another Pocket Pair’s title, has not been officially released for four years now. We hope that will not be the case with Palworld, especially because it became this popular just after a few days.

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Early Access Pricing and Demo

The great thing about Early Access, besides the bragging rights of playing it before it was cool, is that games are usually cheaper. Palworld Early Access is priced at $29.99 and no doubt that price will jump with the full release. You can also get it via Xbox Game Pass.

At this moment, there is an option to try out the game in a free Demo. The only trick is that the Demo is only available either on the Microsoft Store or on the Xbox consoles. The Demo is not yet available through Steam.


Palworld is still in Early Access but it already garnered a huge fan base. For now, it is only playable on PC (and Steam Deck), Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One, but that is not preventing it from having millions of active players since its launch only a couple of weeks ago. We expect it will be playable on other platforms and game systems in due time. Palworld gameplay appeals to a large audience, as it has cute mysterious creatures, vast open world exploration, dungeons, boss monsters, crafting, base building, farming, and many more features. Combat is also a part of the game, starting with bows, and going all the way to assault rifles and rocket launchers. And yes, your Pals can carry guns. Palworld’s roadmap says that PvP will be introduced in future updates, along with expanded crossplay, and many more improvements.

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