Palworld – What Are the Best Pals to Work in Your Base?

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There are lots of different Pals, but not all of them are suited for doing chores in the base. Read this article to see what are the best Pals to work in your Palworld base and why.

In Palworld, your Pals can help you in a lot of ways. They can tag along and adventure with you, helping you in fights. You can use them to fly about. But, most of the time, they will work around your base, mining, transporting, working on farms, etc. Furthermore, not every Pal is suited for every task. Some Pals are extremely good at one thing, while others can be Jack-of-all-trades, pretty good at various different tasks. With that in mind, let’s see what are the best Pals to work in your base in Palworld.

What Are the Best Pals to Work in Your Base?

Various tasks in your base require Pals with certain abilities. These abilities are Cooling, Generating Electricity, Gathering, Handiwork, Kindling, Lumbering, Medicine Production, Mining, Planting, Watering and Transporting. Having Pals that can cover all of these roles is the way to go. We would recommend these Pals to start off your base:

Best Early Game Pals

Lifmunk – This Pal has Gathering, Handiwork, Lumbering, Medicine Production, and Planting Work Sustainability. You will find these guys early in the game, especially near the Rayne Syndicate Tower, located northwest of the Plateau of Beginning. Lifmunk is especially useful due to the fact that it has a rare Medicine Production ability.

Penking – This Pal has Cooling, Handiwork, Mining, Transporting, and Watering Work Sustainability, all on Level 2. They are located in the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary, on the southern part of the map. Until you get one, Pengullet is an okay substitute.

Sparkit – This Pal has Generating Electricity, Transporting, and Handiwork Work Sustainability. These Pals can be found mostly around the Desolate Church, and are the best early-game Pals that provide Electricity. Jolthog also does that but has no other Work Sustainabilities, so that’s why Sparkit is on the list.

Foxparks – This Pal has the Kindling Work Sustainability, needed for smelting and cooking. You can find them near your starting area, where the Mammorest Boss is located, or on the island southwest of your starting point.

With these Pals, you have covered every task that your base needs. There are a few honorable mentions, that can be quite useful as well.

Tanzee – For having Gathering, Handwork, Lumbering, Planting, and Transporting.

Lamball – For producing Wool when assigned to a Ranch. You need Wool to make Cloth, needed for various items and structures, like an Egg Incubator.

Mozzarina – For producing Milk when assigned to a Ranch, needed for Cake.

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What to Do Next?

After you have set up your base and covered every aspect, it is time to think about acquiring better Pals. As the demand increases, you need Pals with higher Levels of Work Sustainabilities or that cover more of them. We would recommend the following:

Beegarde – This is the best Jack-of-all-trades Pal as it has Handiwork, Gathering, Lumbering, Medicine, Planting, and Transporting (at Level 2). Furthermore, when assigned to a Ranch they produce Honey, which you need to make some Cake.

Frostallion – This Pal has the highest Cooling Work Sustainability, at Level 4.

Wumpo – These fluffy Pals have Cooling and Handiwork at Level 2, Lumbering at Level 3, and Transporting at Level 4. Great for filling a lot of roles.

Warsect – The giant Pals are your go-to Pals for the lumber business, as they have Lumbering and Transporting at Level 3.

Blazamut – This fire-type Pal is awesome for cooking, smelting, and providing ores, as it has Kindling at Level 3 and Mining at Level 4.

Grizzbolt – This yellow poster-Pal fills a lot of roles with Handiwork and Lumbering at Level 3, Transporting at Level 3, and most importantly, Generating Electricity also at Level 3.

Passive Skills

Remember that each individual Pal has some Passive Skills, and some of those can affect the way that Pal works in your base. Skills like Serious and Positive Thinker can improve the work efficiency of the Pal, while Pals with detrimental Passive Skills, like Clumsy or Slacker, are not the best candidates for the job.

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