Best Flying Mounts in Palworld

Player praises her Galeclaw in Palworld

Wondering which Pals make the best flying mounts in Palworld? You’re not alone. Let’s break down our top picks to get around the Palpagos Islands fast.

Palworld is chock-full of Pals that you can catch and tame, many of which can even be ridden as mounts. While some are best suited to traverse the land and sea, a handful of Pals are able to take to the sky to get around. From early-game options like Galeclaw and Nitewing to the almighty Jetragon, which Pals make the best flying mounts in Palworld? Here’s a list of our top picks and where to find them.

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What Are the Best Flying Mounts in Palworld?


While there are faster flying mounts that you’ll unlock later on in Palworld, Nitewing is one of the first you’ll have access to on your playthrough. There’s a guaranteed spawn just a short walk from the game’s starting point, appearing at Level 11. Once you’ve managed to level up your character enough, you can easily catch and mount this Neutral-type Pal to get around quickly and efficiently.


On the other hand, Jetragon is one of the very last flying mounts you’ll be able to get your hands on in Palworld. It appears in the later stages of the game, and its associated riding gear can only be accessed once your character reaches Level 50. That said, you’ll need to make a serious dent to ride one. It’s definitely worth it in the long run, though, as you can unleash powerful attacks atop this Dragon-type.


An incredibly powerful Electric-type, Beakon is a lighting-fast flying mount in Palworld. While it spawns in the mid- to late-stages of the game, you might also have some luck hatching one from a Large Electric Egg. In any case, its saddle becomes accessible through your Technology Tree at Level 34.


Vanwyrm is a bit easier to get your hands on than Beakon, though it’s not quite as fast. Available in the middle stages of the game, you can catch one just before you reach Twilight Dunes, an area north of Palworld’s starting point. However, this Fire/Dark-type can also hatch from an appropriate egg. To unlock its saddle, you’ll first need to reach Level 21.


Like Vanwyrm, you can catch Ragnahawk in the middle stages of Palworld. While it can be found soaring through the skies above Mount Obsidian and the Small Settlement near the game’s starting location, these Fire-type Pals spawn around Level 25 or higher. Moreover, its saddle is unlocked once you reach Level 37. With this in mind, you’ll need to put in some work to ride one.


Helzephyr is quite the spectacle at night, as this Dark-type flying mount actually glows. It appears in a forest northeast of the game’s starting location and along the cliffs of Marsh Island at night. Needless to say, it’s tough to miss. Helzephyr is pretty strong, but you’ll unlock its saddle at Level 33 if you can manage it catch it. Of course, you can also hatch one from a Large Dark Egg with some luck.

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