Palworld: How to Find Large Dark Egg and What Does it Do?

Player inspects a Large Dark Egg with Daedream in Palworld

If you want to learn more about the Large Dark Egg in Palworld, stick around to find out where to find one and what they do.

Throughout your travels in Palworld, you’ll pick up a wide variety of eggs to nurture and hatch into new Pal partners. Like the Pals inside, eggs can come in any one of nine elements, which coincide with the biome in which the egg is located. What’s more, eggs also come in a variety of sizes, hinting at the stature and power of the offspring within. So, where can you find Large Dark Eggs in Palworld? And what do they do? Here’s everything you need to know to pick up a Large Dark Egg and hatch it in Palworld.

Where to Find a Large Dark Egg in Palworld

Dark Eggs are found throughout rocky cliffs in Palworld, though not in entirely fixed locations. With this in mind, they can be obtained early on by traveling to the Small Settlement, which isn’t far from the game’s starting point. This area is easy to recognize thanks to its autumnal foliage. Once you unlock the location’s fast travel point, you can head back to search for eggs along the nearby cliffs anytime you want.

Like eggs of other elements, Dark Eggs can come in several different sizes. Overall, this affects the type of Pal inside. For example, a standard Dark Egg likely contains smaller Pals like Hoocrates or Depresso. On the other hand, Large Dark Eggs may house more powerful Pals like Tombat. Huge eggs of this element hold even stronger Pals, yet.

What Does the Large Dark Egg Do in Palworld?

Technically, eggs don’t do much on their own in Palworld. To obtain the Pal that lies inside, you’ll need to hatch the egg you found or otherwise obtained by breeding two of your own Pals. This process is fairly simple, requiring only an Egg Incubator to hatch the egg. However, crafting this item differs depending on your version of the game, so be sure to check for material requirements first. They surely require Paldium Fragments, Stone, and Cloth. The trick is that some versions require Ancient Civilization Parts and others do not.

Hatching a Large Dark Egg will lend you a new Dark element Pal — one much stronger than any hatched from a standard egg of this element, at that. While it’s not yet known exactly how many Pals you have a chance to hatch from one of these eggs, we’ve noted that Tombat is a common spawn.

Types of Eggs

There are nine different egg types in Palworld, and those are:

  • Common Egg – Neutral type
  • Verdant Egg – Grass type
  • Electric Egg – Electric type
  • Damp Egg – Water type
  • Frozen Egg – Ice type
  • Rocky Egg – Groung type
  • Dark Egg – Dark type
  • Scorching Egg – Fire type
  • Dragon Egg – Dragon type

Each of these eggs comes in a Normal, Large, Huge, or Giant size, which dictates the size of the Pal that will hatch from it.

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