Is Palworld Cross-Platform? Can You Share Progress?

Palworld image of a Totoro-like Pal with a minigun

Only a few days ago, Early Access for Palworld was launched. This newest survival game already sold millions of copies. It seems there is always a demand for open-world survival games, with a cute twist. The twist being Pals, cute critters that you can find and tame. More than 100 Pals are available in the Early Access, and Pocket Pair will surely be adding more with new updates, as we get closer to the official full release. No doubt, filling your Paldeck with every Pal in the game is the goal of many players, especially completionists. Naturally, saving your progress is mandatory here, but can you share that progress between different platforms? Is Palworld cross-platform? Let’s find out.

Is Palworld Cross-Platform?

Both yes and no. Yes, if you are playing Palworld on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and on PC via Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass. Your progress is saved on a cloud that is shared by all these platforms. So as long as you use the same account, you can play the same game over all these platforms.

Unfortunately, Steam players are not so lucky. At this moment, Palworld does not support crossplay between Steam and other platforms, and the same goes for cross-progression. Basically, you can treat Steam Palworld as an entirely different game than the Xbox/Microsoft Store one.

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Will Cross-Progression Be Fully Supported in the Future?

While we cannot guarantee, we expect that cross-platform will be fully supported in the future. When asked will full crossplay be available in the future, Pocket Pair replied that it is planned as soon as possible. We presume that as soon as full crossplay becomes available, cross-progression will follow suit. We just have to give them a little more time to sort things out.

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