Is Palworld Crossplay? On Which Platforms?

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Can you play the same Palworld game on different platforms? Is Palworld crossplay? Let’s dive right in and find out.

Palworld is taking the gaming scene by storm. This brand-new crafting survival game is heavily inspired by Pokemon and similar games, where you can capture and tame different creatures. In Palword, these creatures are unsurprisingly called Pals. These critters can help you around the base, power your structures (firing up the forge, or recharging your power generator, to name a few), serve as mounts, help you in battles, etc. Palworld released in Early Access only a few days ago and it already amassed millions of players. At this time, it is playable only on Xbox and PC. Knowing that, does Palworld support crossplay? Let’s see.

Is Palworld Crossplay?

Well, both yes and no. At this time, Palworld is playable on Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and on PC, via Steam, Microsoft Store, and PC Game Pass. The trick is that crossplay is available between Xbox, Microsoft Store, and PC Game Pass but not on Steam. The reason is that the Steam version differs from the one on Xbox and Microsoft Store. So, crossplay is supported, but not on Steam. Steam players can only play with others using the same platform, while Xbox/Microsoft Store/Game Pass users can all play together. 

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Will Full Crossplay Be Supported?

Thankfully, Pocket Pair confirmed that they plan to fully support crossplay sometime in the future. In a Steam FAQ, when asked will full crossplay be supported, Palworld devs stated: “Not at launch, but we are working to make this a possibility as soon as possible!” In summary, we just have to wait a little bit longer.

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