Is There a Pokemon Mod for Palworld? Explained

Pals image of a monkey-like Pal carrying an assault rifle

Does this Pokemon-like game have a Pokemon mod? Read on to see if there is a Pokemon mod for Palworld and how to get it.

Palworld is a new open-world crafting game, made by Pocket Pair. The main feature of this game is Pals, critters that you can fight and capture. Sound familiar? Gamers are already calling Palworld “Pokemon-with-Guns”, but the devs deny any claim of plagiarism. It seems that the fans don’t mind if it is a blatant copy or not, as the game has sold millions of copies after only a few days. Now, all this controversy has already sparked some ideas in the modding community as there is talk of a Pokemon mod. Is that true, is there a Pokemon mod for Palworld? Let’s see.

Is There a Pokemon Mod for Palworld?

Yes, there is, kind of. It took less than three days for modders to make a Pokemon mod for Palworld. One some leaked videos, we saw the main character dressed as Ash, and the rest of the Pokemon crew somewhere nearby. There is Misty with an Assault Rifle, several Pikachus mining some ore, Team Rocket being a part of a boss fight, and anything you can imagine. Naturally, all Pals are turned into your favorite Pokemon.

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How to Get the Pokemon Mod?

The trick is that any links to the mod have been removed. Nintendo are not known to tolerate copyright infringement. Modders do not want to be charged with a lawsuit, so better to play safe than sorry. If you have dreams of a Pikachu-based workforce, those will have to wait. Pocket Pair do plan to have mods available for their game, stating: “Steam Workshop support won’t be supported straight away but we plan to add it after launch. Palworld is made in Unreal Engine 5 and we look forward to seeing what sort of mods people come up with!”

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