Is Palworld in Early Access?

Palworld image of Pal

With its astronomical sales and over a million current players, Palworld has arrived on the gaming scene. Undoubtedly, the developers Pocket Pair have created a fun and engaging experience although a bit controversial. Nevertheless, if you are wondering if Palworld is in Early Access, read on to find the answer to this burning question.   

Palworld is a survival game set in an open world full of Pokemon-like creatures. Additionally, all these creatures, called Pals, can be captured and used to help you in the game. Besides being able to help you in combat, Pals can be used to quickly travel across land, sea and sky. Contrary to this, they can also be used to help you build and develop your base. Furthermore, Pals can be put to work on farms, in mines, and in factories.

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Is Palworld released in Early Access?

Yes, Palworld is an Early Access release. Along with that, the first estimate is that the game will stay in early access for a minimum of one year. This means that developers are continuing to work on the game, and many features are already planned for future releases. Among these are cross-server Pal training, PvP modes, and guild raids. 

Moreover, an Early Access with a big player base is a great way of testing the game features and servers. This will supply the developers with much-needed feedback, so they can further create an even better gaming experience. Hopefully, this will not last longer than anticipated and Pocket Pair will continue support for the game after full release.  

At this time, this was everything we know about Palworld Early Access. However, if you want to read more on the game, check out other articles from our team, like How to Get the Electric Organ in Palworld, Palworld: Recommended and Minimum System Requirements, and Are Palworld Servers Down.


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