How to Hatch Eggs in Palworld – Using the Egg Incubator

Player views the Egg Incubator in Palworld

Wondering how to hatch eggs in Palworld? We’ve got you covered. We’ll go over the steps you need to take to nurture the eggs you find and obtain from Pals to register new and stronger species.

From the start of your Palworld playthrough, you’ll stumble upon eggs strewn about the in-game world. These aren’t to be confused with egg consumables dropped by Chikipi, though. Rather, Pal eggs contain offspring, which are determined according to the egg’s element when found in the wild. This typically corresponds with the area in which the egg is located.

However, you can also breed your own Pals once you’ve unlocked the ability to do so, allowing you to raise strong partners of specific elements and species. So, how do you hatch eggs in Palworld? Fortunately, there’s just one structure you need to get the job done.

How to Hatch Eggs in Palworld

Player praises a newly hatched Melpaca in Palworld
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In order to incubate and hatch eggs in Palworld, you’ll just need to craft an Egg Incubator. Once built, you can place any egg inside to start the incubation process. Depending on the egg’s preferred conditions, this period can last varying amounts of time. Expect to wait anywhere between one and 10 minutes for the process to complete. When it’s ready, you can hatch the egg to obtain a new Pal partner.

If you picked up a random egg on your travels, the hatchling will be almost totally random, though you can easily determine its element based on the egg itself. For example, a Common Egg will hatch into a Neutral Pal while a Dark Egg will bear a Dark Pal, and so on.

When you breed your own Pals, though, you can easily obtain specific species. Some can even be bred to obtain Fusion Pals, which are essentially a combination of two types of Pals. Experiment with the process to hatch some seriously strong and unique partners on your playthrough.

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How to Craft an Egg Incubator in Palworld

Depending on your platform, the Early Access version of Palworld differs. At present, this affects the materials you need to craft items like the Egg Incubator, an Ancient Technology structure unlocked at Level 7. While developers at Pocketpair work to fix this certification issue, here’s a look at necessary crafting materials based on your version of the game.

Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass

  • Unlocked with Technology Points
  • x10 Paldium Fragments
  • x5 Cloth
  • x30 Stone
  • x2 Ancient Civilization Parts


  • Unlocked with Ancient Technology Points
  • x10 Paldium Fragments
  • x5 Cloth
  • x30 Stone
  • x2 Ancient Civilization Parts

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