What Are the Best Stats to Spend Points on in Palworld? Explained

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Trying to figure out which stats are the best to spend your points on in Palworld? You’re not alone. We’ll go over the benefits of each stat to help you decide where to invest your hard-earned points.

In Palworld, your character’s stat build is just as important as assembling a top-notch team of Pals. Consisting of HP, Attack, Stamina, Work Speed, and Defense, your stats can be increased with stat points, optimizing your strength across the board. You’ll earn points each time you level up your character, though you’ll want to spend them wisely, as respec options are severely limited in the Early Access version of this survival game. That said, which stats are the best to invest your points in? Here’s a rundown of our top picks and why they’re worth spending your points on in Palworld.

Best Stats to Spend Points on in Palworld

By a landslide, the two most important stats to spend your points on in Palworld are weight and stamina, with HP coming in at a close second or third. With buffs, you’ll receive hefty benefits in several areas of your playthrough, most notably in combat and back at your base. Let’s break down why it’s important to prioritize these stats.

  • Weight – For the most part, your character’s weight stat affects your ability to carry a solid stock of items in your inventory. As such, the more points you put towards this stat, the more you can carry without being weighed down. Spending points on weight early on can be a lifesaver, as it mitigates the need to return to your base to drop items into storage after short periods of exploring the world. You also receive huge buffs around +200 each time you invest a single stat point here, so they’re always well spent.
  • Stamina – While you don’t get as much of an increase with each point invested in your stamina, this is still a stat worthy of your attention. Your stamina affects your ability to perform consistently in combat and while using tools like your axe and pickaxe. Once you reach your limit, you’ll face a pretty significant recharge time. By spending stat points on stamina, you’ll have more energy to use in combat and while collecting resources.
  • HP – At around 200+, you get a pretty significant buff to your HP stat each time you invest a single stat point. Especially in the early game, this can be a literal lifesaver. It’s not totally necessary to funnel all your points here once you have a team of Pals assembled, but a few are certainly worth the investment. I recommend spending a point here every once in a while to ensure that you can take a few hits from wild Pals and enemies from the Syndicate or Free Pal Alliance.

Other Stats

Aside from these stats, Work Speed is decidedly important, too. However, it’s not entirely necessary to spend points on this stat with adept Pals stationed at your base. Those equipped with passive skills like Artisan and Serious will work long, hard hours to accomplish anything and everything that needs doing at your base.

Moreover, it’s not currently possible to spend points on your Defense in Palworld. When you try, you’ll notice this stat is faded in comparison to the others. With that being said, we may see this stat become accessible with later updates, so we won’t write this one off altogether. Be sure to save some points to spend later just in case.

The only way to increase Defense, for now, is to equip some Armor, or through Pal Skills and Passives.

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Should You Spend Stat Points on Attack in Palworld?

Normally, spending stat points on your character’s attack would place you at an advantage in any other survival RPG. However, this isn’t currently the case in Palworld. With each point invested in your attack stat, you’ll only receive a +2 upgrade. Needless to say, this doesn’t make much of a difference at all. At least, not a noticeable one.

Remember that you can always equip your Pals with Weapons to increase their attacks.

As a result, players have aired their frustrations on Steam forums, going so far as to say attack is “useless” in the game. Some have gone on to note that the primary damagers are not meant to be the players themselves, but rather their Pals, though majority have agreed with the original sentiment. In any case, we remain hopeful that the player’s attack stat will receive a greater increase with future updates and the finished version of Palworld.

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