How to Find and Catch Lunaris in Palworld

Player and Foxparks traveling along a sandy path in Palworld

Trying to figure out how to find and catch Lunaris in Palworld? You’re not alone. We’ll cover where this Ice element Pal is located and the best strategies to catch it.

Dubbed “Pokémon with guns” prior to its wildly successful Early Access launch on January 19, Palworld is chock-full of Pals to battle and tame. By catching a wide variety of Pals, engaging in combat, and bettering your base, you’ll level up and make some serious progress in the game. Of course, this may involve a few military-grade weapons. As you explore the areas surrounding your camp, you’ll run into all manner of Pals, some much stronger than others. Lunaris is among those considered bosses, which appear in fixed locations across the in-game world. Here’s how to find and catch Lunaris in Palworld.

Where to Find Lunaris in Palworld

Lunaris' location pinpointed on the map in Palworld
Image by N4G Unlocked

Unfortunately, Lunaris isn’t like any ordinary Pal you’d find roaming about the landscape in Palworld. Rather, this Neutral element Pal is a Level 32 boss that you’ll find stationed near a dungeon on the Sea Breeze Archipelago. Considering the size of the EA map, this location isn’t all that far from the game’s starting point — it’s just southwest of the Windswept Islands, as pictured above. However, you’ll certainly have a bit of ground to cover before you can get there swiftly.

To streamline your travels, be sure to unlock any and all fast travel points you stumble upon. They’re easy to recognize from a distance, as they’re essentially huge glowing statues. That said, reaching Lunaris’ location can still prove tricky if you aren’t prepared to take on Syndicate poachers in the area. I recommend clearing their camp before searching for the Pal boss.

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How to Catch Lunaris in Palworld

Lunaris is a rather strong boss in Palworld. You’ll find this Neutral element Pal at Level 32, so you’ll want to make sure both you and your team are of equal level or higher before entering battle. Otherwise, it’s likely that the boss will sweep your team.

Apart from this, you’ll need to consider element match-ups. Lunaris, a Neutral element Pal, is naturally weak to Dark Pals and moves. This means you’ll deal additional damage with each attack that lands. Fortunately, there are a handful of exceptional partners to choose from, including Daedream, Hoocrates, Depresso, and many more.

Personally, I suggest going in with Daedream, as it makes a stand-up lead when equipped with its necklace accessory. Once crafted, this item heightens the bond between you and your Daedream, which will subsequently travel and fight at your side without having to send it into battle. What’s more, each time you dish out an attack of your own, the Dark type Pal will follow up with a string of Magic Bullets. If you send out a second Dark Pal against Lunaris, you’ll be able to lower its health quickly and efficiently.

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