Palworld: Quivern Boss – Location and How to Beat

Player with Direhowl and Daedream on a rocky beach in Palworld

Wondering where to find the Pal Boss, Quivern, and how to beat it in Palworld? Stick around. We’ll cover its location details and the best strategies to defeat it.

Palworld features a long list of Pals to catch and tame at upwards of 110 in the Early Access version of the game. Although many more are set to arrive with its full release, players have their hands full collecting lucky Pals, Fusion Pals, and the many bosses roaming the in-game world. From the start of your playthrough, you’ve likely noticed more common bosses, such as Mammorest. However, others like Quivern are tucked away in tough-to-reach locations. So, where can you find Quivern in Palworld? And how do you manage to beat it? Let’s break down its location and the best strategies to take it down.

Where to Find Quivern in Palworld

Like several other bosses found in Palworld, Quivern appears inside a sealed dungeon. Located in the northern islands of the in-game world, you’ll need to cover quite a bit of ground before you’re able to uncover this region of the map. Not to mention, getting there will require you to best any and all Syndicate poachers and Free Pal Alliance rangers in your path.

The road ahead is certainly tough, but it’s worth it to catch this pure Dragon-type element Pal. If you can manage the trip, you’ll just need to enter the dungeon upon arrival. While you’ve likely stumbled upon a few sealed dungeons since the start of your playthrough, you might not have realized you could go inside so easily. To go in, just head over to the center of the stone field and stand inside the glowing inner ring. A prompt to Enter will appear.

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How to Beat Quivern in Palworld

In Palworld, Quivern spawns as a Level 23 Alpha boss. In comparison to others found in the game, the task at hand isn’t all that daunting. That said, Quivern will certainly put up a fight, so you should do what you can to prepare adequately. Generally speaking, I’d suggest holding off on this boss battle until you’ve unlocked guns and reached the same level as Quivern or higher.

This way, you’ll deal far more damage than you incur during combat, especially if your stat points have been well spent. When you’re ready to face Quivern head-on, you should go in with Ice element Pals, which sport an advantage over the stark-white Dragon Pal. Some great options are Penking and Chillet, both of which boast a dual typing. The latter can also be found as a boss, so it makes a strong partner once caught.

What Alpha Pal Bosses Are There?

Here is a list of all overworld Alpha Pals and their levels:

  • Chillet Lv. 11
  • Gumoss Lv. 11
  • Sweepa Lv. 11
  • Dumud Lv. 14
  • Penking Lv. 15
  • Grintale Lv. 17
  • Azurobe Lv. 17
  • Nitewing Lv. 18
  • Felbat Lv. 23
  • Kingpaca Lv. 23
  • Katress Lv. 23
  • Bushi Lv. 23
  • Broncherry Lv. 23
  • Quivern Lv. 23
  • Fenglope Lv. 25
  • Petallia Lv. 28
  • Beakon Lv. 29
  • Elphidran Lv. 30
  • Broncherry Aqua Lv. 30
  • Warsect Lv. 30
  • Mossanda Lux Lv. 31
  • Elizabee Lv. 31
  • Univolt Lv. 31
  • Relaxaurus Lux Lv. 31
  • Lunaris Lv. 32
  • Verdash Lv. 35
  • Mammorest Lv. 38
  • Wumpo Botan Lv. 38
  • Vaelet Lv. 38
  • Sibelyx Lv. 40
  • Ice Kingpaca Lv. 43
  • Menasting Lv. 44
  • Jormuntide Lv. 45
  • Suzaku Lv. 45
  • Anubis Lv. 47
  • Dinossom Lux Lv. 47
  • Astegon Lv. 48
  • Blazamut Lv. 49
  • Lyleen Noct Lv. 49
  • Necromus Lv. 50
  • Paladius Lv. 50
  • Jetragon Lv. 50
  • Frostallion Lv. 50

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