Palworld: How to Find and Capture Digtoise – Full Digtoise Stats

Player and Direhowl find a Rocky Egg on a cliff in Palworld

Trying to figure out where you can find and catch Digtoise in Palworld? We’ve got you covered. Stick around for details about this Ground-type Pal’s location and the easiest way to catch it.

As its name suggests, Digtoise is a tortoise-like Pal that you can catch in Palworld. This Ground-type Pal makes an exceptional partner back at your base, where it will put its mining skills to good use to farm resources like stone and ore. They are one of the best Pals in the game for working on the Ore farm. Of course, it can also make a strong team member in combat, boasting an elemental advantage against Electric-type pals. However, it only appears in a select few locations in the in-game world, making it tough to find if you’re not sure where to look. Let’s break down where you can find Digtoise and how to catch it in Palworld.

Where to Find Digtoise in Palworld

Digtoise is a relatively common creature throughout the two desert biomes in Palworld. Both of these areas are found in the northern region of the game’s map. Once you unlock the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point, both locations are easy enough to reach.

If you haven’t made it there just yet, simply head northwest from the game’s starting point in Windswept Hills. There’s also a boss battle against Anubis waiting for you once you get there.

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How to Catch Digtoise in Palworld

Luckily, Digtoise doesn’t pose too much of an issue to catch in Palworld. It boasts a relatively humble catch rate, so you’re good to go in with standard Pal Spheres and Mega Spheres. To easily chip away at its health bar, be sure to send out a Grass-type Pal, as this element deals extra damage against the Ground-type Digtoise.

Apart from capturing a Digtoise in the open world, you might also have some luck hatching one of these Pals from a Large Rocky Egg. These can be found laying around cliffs in most regions, though often in tight spots that are fairly difficult to reach. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, especially at night.

Digtoise Stats

  • Type: Earth
  • Possible Drops: Ore, High Quality Pal Oil
  • Work Sustainability: Mining Level 3
  • HP: 80
  • Defense: 120
  • Crafting Speed: 100
  • Melee Attack: 80
  • Shot Attack: 95
  • Price: 2980
  • Stamina: 100
  • Support: 100
  • Craft Speed: 100
  • Running Speed: 300
  • Ride Sprint Speed: 420
  • Slow Walk Speed: 75

Partner Skill

Drill Crusher: When activated, performs Shell Spin, follows the player while spinning, and mines ores efficiently.

Passive Skill

Hard Skin: 10% increase to Defense

Active Skills

  • Aqua Gun (Level 1)
    • Hurls a ball of water straight at an enemy.
    • Power: 40
    • Cooldown: 4
    • Range: 500 – 5000
    • Element: Water
  • Stone Blast (Level 7)
    • Fires a barrage of stones forward.
    • Power: 55
    • Cooldown: 10
    • Range: 500 – 4000
    • Element: Earth
  • Shell Spin (Level 15)
    • Digtoise’s exclusive skill. Moves while spinning its whole body at high speeds. Drills through enemies, dealing continuous damage.
    • Power: 65
    • Cooldown: 9
    • Range: 200 – 1500
    • Element: Earth
  • Stone Canon (Level 22)
    • Digs up a boulder and hurls it at an enemy.
    • Power: 70
    • Cooldown: 15
    • Range: 500 – 2500
    • Element: Earth
  • Sand Tornado (Level 30)
    • Generates two sand tornadoes on either side before launching them at an enemy.
    • Power: 80
    • Cooldown: 18
    • Range: 100 – 3000
    • Element: Earth
  • Aqua Burst (Level 40)
    • Creates a giant ball of water and hurls it at an enemy.
    • Power: 100
    • Cooldown: 30
    • Range: 1000 – 9999
    • Element: Water
  • Rock Lance (Level 50)
    • Generates a sharp rock spear under an enemy.
    • Power: 150
    • Cooldown: 55
    • Range: 100 – 9000
    • Element: Earth

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