Palworld: Jormuntide Boss – Location and How to Beat

Player, Direhowl, and Daedream run along the coast in Palworld

Wondering where to find Jormuntide and how to beat it in Palworld? stick around. We’ll cover this Water/Dragon pal’s location and the best way to defeat it.

The in-game world of Palworld is teeming with all sorts of Pals, many of which are powerful bosses. From Lunaris to Quivern, these Pals can be found across each biome, though they’re sometimes tucked away inside dungeons. That said, some of the toughest bosses in the game are hiding in plain sight, waiting for you to stumble into their territory. Jormuntide, an intimidating Water/Dragon-type Pal falls into this category, posing a serious threat to players who haven’t come prepared. So, where is this boss located, and how do you beat it? Here’s everything you need to know to take Jormuntide down in Palworld.

Where to Find Jormuntide in Palworld

Northeast of Palworld’s starting point, Jormuntide can be found lurking in a large lake. Its exact location is nearby the Investor’s Fork fast travel point, though you’ll still need to travel a bit to reach the boss’ den from there. Fortunately, this Water/Dragon Pal is enormous, so it’s tough to miss even from a distance.

Just bear in mind that this Pal has company. Wild Surfent are also found throughout the boss’ location, posing an added obstacle. These Pals are hostile and attack on sight, so you’ll want to wipe out as many as you can before attempting to take on Jormuntide. On the bright side, they’re only around Level 14 or so, making the task a bit easier to accomplish.

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How to Beat Jormuntide in Palworld

Of all the Pal bosses in Palworld, Jormuntide is among the strongest. This boss spawns at Level 45, just five levels short of the Early Access cap. With that being said, you should avoid this battle until you reach the same level or higher. Moreover, you’ll need the help of adequate weapons, such as the Assault Rifle.

Ideally, your Pals should take the lead in this fight. Since Jormuntide is a Water/Dragon-type, both Electric and Ice Pals will deal huge damage. However, the former also boasts a resistance to Water moves, so this is the better option between the two. At this point in the game, you’ll have access to several great picks, including Rayhound and Beakon. However, Electric variants of other powerful Pals can prove just as helpful.

Once you manage to deplete its health bar, you can attempt to capture Jormuntide. However, standard Pal Spheres likely won’t cut it. Inflicting Poison or Burn with arrows can help to increase its capture rate, but you’ll want to go with stronger Spheres like the Legendary Sphere to maximize the odds.

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