Fastest Mounts in Palworld – Ground and Flying

Player rides Direhowl at a high speed in Palworld

Looking for a list of the fastest mounts in Palworld? We’ve got you covered. Let’s break down which Pals can get around the quickest, by ground and by air.

Palworld boasts a huge in-game world, which is an undeniable feat even in its Early Access version. To get around the Palapagos Islands quickly and efficiently, you’ll need to catch some seriously fast mounts to help you traverse the various environments on your adventures. While the three available surf mounts are around the same speed, you have your pick of the lot when it comes to ground and flying mounts in Palworld. So, which are the fastest? Let’s break down the mounts with the highest movement speed stats in Palworld.

Fastest Ground Mounts in Palworld


Direhowl is one of the first mounts you can catch in Palworld, and it’s decently fast considering how early it’s available. Once you’ve caught one, you can access its saddle schematics at Level 9. They’re found just about everywhere, but I was lucky enough to hatch one with the Runner passive skill. This significantly increases its movement speed, beating out other early mounts like Rushoar and Eikthyrdeer. However, its base speed is still higher, making it the best option among the three.


While it’s not quite as fast as Direhowl, Eikthyrdeer is a close second. Because of this, it makes a great early-game mount in the early stages of Palworld. These Neutral-type Pals can be pretty tough to catch, since they’re much faster than your character and quite strong. However, they’re commonly seen roaming throughout most regions, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to secure a capture. Once you do, you can craft its saddle at Level 12.


Univolt is the fastest ground mount that you can have in Palworld. Of course, this makes it all the more difficult to catch. You’ll find plenty of these lightning-fast Electric-types roaming throughout an area tucked between Azurobe Hill and the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon. Fortunately, you’ll have several chances to catch one here, though I’d suggest pursuing your target with one of the aforementioned mounts to keep pace. Once caught, its saddle unlocks at Level 14.

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Fastest Flying Mounts in Palworld


While Beakon isn’t the fastest flying Pal in Palworld, it’s much faster than any of the available ground mounts in the game. With a beneficial passive skill that ups its movement speed, it can certainly keep up with the likes of Faleris and Ragnahowk. That said, you’ll need to reach the middle stages of the game to effectively ride one, as its saddle unlocks at Level 34. Earlier flying mounts like Nitewing and Vanwyrm will need to cut it until then.


Not only is Shadowbeak’s design undeniably cool, but this Pal is also just as sleek as it looks. It’s equally as fast as Beakon, making it a great second option for a mid-tier flying mount. The downside: its saddle can’t be accessed until Level 47. To put that into perspective, the level cap for the EA version of Palworld is Level 50. If you’re willing to take the gamble, you’ll need to play the long game to ride one. However, several other late-game flying mounts are much faster, so there are better options to come.


In comparison, Faleris is a much more feasible option for those looking to catch a fast flying mount. Its saddle can be unlocked at Level 38. This is much more doable, though still in the middle stages of the game. Even so, it outranks the aforementioned mounts by +200 movement speed, so it’s one of the best mounts you can get in the grand scheme of things.


Similarly, Ragnahawk can be ridden as early as Level 37. It’s not quite as fast as Faleris, but it’s certainly close. In fact, a beneficial passive skill can easily allow it to overcome this gap in movement speed. That said, you’ll still need to wait until you reach the middle stages of the game just to catch one.


By a long shot, Jetragon is the fastest mount available in Palworld. We’re talking about a difference of about +1,500 movement speed. As its name suggests, it takes to the skies at jet-like speed and launches highly destructive missiles, due to its Aerial Missle Partner Skill, that can easily wipe out opposing groups like the Syndicate, the Free Pal Alliance, and herds of violent Pals. That being said, you can’t catch one until the late game, and its saddle is unlocked at Level 50 — the EA version’s level cap.

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