Palworld: Where to Get Ancient Technology Points and How to Use Them

Player defeats Chillet boss in Palworld

Wondering where to get Ancient Technology Points and how to use them in Palworld? You’re not alone. We’ll go over what you can do to earn points and where they can be spent.

In Palworld, crafting and using Ancient Technology makes all the difference on your playthrough. While most of the items and weapons available to build don’t fall under this category, those that do are much more difficult to get your hands on. This is because Ancient Technology Points are few and far between, and they’re needed to unlock necessary structures like the Egg Incubator. Without enough points, you can’t very well make progress in the game. So, how do you earn Ancient Technology Points in Palworld? And how do you spend them later on? Here’s everything you need to know.

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How to Get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

There are two ways for you to rack up points to unlock Ancient Technology in Palworld. This includes:

  • Beating Alpha Pal bosses
  • Defeating Faction Leaders

Taking Down Alpha Pals

Between the two options, beating Alpha Pals in battle is the easier way to earn points. That said it also earns you less. A win will score you just one point, so you’ll want to challenge as many bosses as you can on your travels. There are 42 in total, lending you plenty of opportunities.

Just mind an Alpha’s level, as more powerful bosses can easily one-shot you and your team. To be safe, start with those that spawn around the same level as you and your Pals. Check your map for spawn locations.

If you’re just starting out, Chillet is one of the best bosses to take down first. This Dragon/Ice-type Pal appears at Level 11, and it makes a great partner if you can manage to catch it. Fortunately, this task isn’t too tough to accomplish with an able Fire-type, like Foxparks. Craft and equip its harness for max fire damage.

Challenging Faction Leaders

This route is a bit tougher if you haven’t filled out your team just yet, but it will earn you points all the same. Each time you defeat a Faction leader in Palworld, you’ll earn a whopping five Ancient Technology Points. However, there are only five of these bosses to challenge.

The first Faction Leader is Zoe, who enters battle with Grizzbolt. This Pal is an Electric-type, so you’ll need to send out a Ground-type to deal extra damage. Unfortunately, this match may prove too difficult to take on if you don’t have any Ground-types, so you’ll want to catch suitable Pals like Dumud, Fuddler, or Digtoise first.

How to Use Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Tiers of items than can be unlocked with Ancient Technology Points in Palworld
Image by N4G Unlocked

Once you’ve managed to rack up a few Ancient Technology Points in Palworld, they can then be spent to unlock Ancient Technology from the Technology tab. These items differ from those appearing in standard tiers, and they can be found in the purple column on the right-hand side of the list. Oftentimes, spending your points is a requirement to level up your base, which typically involves crafting several different structures to progress.

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