How to Get Honey in Palworld? Explained

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Looking for some sweet sweet Honey? Read on to see how to get Honey in Palworld.

Palworld quickly became insanely popular, with millions and millions of copies sold. This mashup of a Pokemon-like game and survival crafting genre proved to be a huge success. These critters, called Pals, are the focus of the game, as you can hunt them for resources, or tame them to help you around. These little guys can power your structures, work your farms, protect your base, etc. And, naturally, they can procreate to produce offspring. But, to set the mood, you need Cakes, and for them, you need some Honey. So, let’s see how to get Honey in Palworld.

How to Get Honey in Palworld?

There are several ways to get some Honey in Palworld. It is dropped by defeating certain Pals. Those are:

  • Cinnamoth
  • Beegarde
  • Elizabee
  • Warsect

The easiest to find are Cinnamoths, which live in Cinnamoth Forest. Beegarde and Elizabee are usually found together so prepare to take on groups of Pals. They are mostly found on an island northeast of your starting location. Warsects are hardest to find, on an island north of Mount Obsidian.

Defeating and capturing these Pals will yield some Honey. But that’s not the only way to get it. If you capture these minions, especially Beegardes, you can put them on the Ranch in your base. While there, these Pals will passively drop Honey. The more Pals you assign to the Rach, the more Honey they will produce.

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What is Honey Used For?

In Palworld, there is an option to make more Pals using the Breeding Farm. And to do so, besides Pals, you also need some Cake. Honey is one of the ingredients you need to make a Cake in the Cooking Pot. To make it and bake it, you need five Flour, eight Red Berries, seven units of Milk, eight Eggs, and two Honey. Once done, simply put the Cake in the box outside the Breeding Farm and now Pals assigned to the Breeding Farm can have babies.

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