Palworld: Where to Find and Capture Vixy

Player pats Vixy in Palworld

Wondering where you can find and catch Vixy in Palworld? We have your answer here. Stick around for this Neutral-type Pal’s location details and how to catch one easily.

Vixy is a small, fox-like Pal that you can catch early on in your Palworld playthrough. It makes a great starting Pal both on your team and back at your base, boasting gathering and farming skills to help you collect resources and complete tasks. However, this Neutral-type Pal doesn’t appear near the game’s starting point. Instead, you’ll need to explore new areas nearby to successfully capture a Vixy of your own. Let’s break down Vixy’s location and how to catch one in Palworld.

Where to Find Vixy in Palworld

Vixy's location pinpointed on a map in Palworld
Image by N4G Unlocked

Vixy is most commonly seen in the areas surrounding the Small Settlement in Palworld. This region is marked by its vibrant fall foliage, which spans quite a ways. While the guards inside the settlement here are sitting at Level 30 or higher, you can access this location from very early on, and doing so doesn’t require you to fight them. To get there, just head northwest from Windswept Hills.

You might also stumble upon some Syndicate campsites nearby, where Vixy can often be found locked inside a cage. Saving any Pal from confinement results in an automatic capture, so I recommend freeing the Pals you find locked up. Of course, you’ll need to defeat the surrounding poachers to complete the task at hand.

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How to Catch Vixy in Palworld

Luckily, Vixy isn’t tough to catch in Palworld. Typically found around Level 5 or so, this Neutral-type Pal boasts a pretty high capture rate. That said, standard Pal Spheres will suffice. If you’re sitting at a much higher level, then you might even be able to land a capture without lowering its health.

Apart from catching a wild Vixy, you can also hatch one from a Common Egg. Fittingly, these egg types are found just about everywhere, and, at least in my experience, they seem to be the most common of all the elements. There’s no guarantee that Vixy will emerge from one of these eggs, though, so it’s worth it to catch one in the wild if you can.

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