Helldivers 2 Players Would Love to See This Support Stratagem Added to the Game

Helldivers 2 screenshot of a player in front of a flag, looking at the glowing sky

Stratagems are one of the cornerstones of Helldivers 2, and there are so many of them to choose from. But, Helldivers 2 players think that adding a certain Support Stratagem to the game would make it so much better.

Some Stratagems are mission-specific. For example, you can only call in a Hellbomb if the objective requires it, and on specific locations. But, some Stratagems have no direct in-game impact, besides being an objective, like Seismic Scanners or Super Earth Flags. On that last note, one Helldiver suggested that having the ability to call in the flag of Super Earth would improve the game immensely. Let’s see what that is all about.

Helldivers 2 Community’s Take on the Idea of Adding a Morale Boosting Support Stratagem

A Redditor offered the idea of having the flag of Super Earth with you all the time, and it has spread like wildfire. The OP stated that we should be able to carry the flag with us as a Support Stratagem, to boost the morale, and, if need be, use it as a last-resort weapon.

Helldivers, like HubblePie, added: “If it was made into a strategem, it should boost the morale (and stats like movement speed, armor, reload speed, etc) of nearby Helldivers.“ Others offered that it could give nearby Helldivers a slow health regeneration, just by being there.

Another group just wants the ability to call in the flag, with no benefits besides it being very cool. Helldiver dellboy696 said: “Call one down for every outpost/nest. Just makes it look like you’ve conquered the place. Have it be purely decorative & pointless for fun.“ More people are on board with that, with comments like “Only if it does absolutely nothing other than be a flag for the bros.” while others would gladly give up a Strategm slot just for the sheer glory of having a flag.

What Would the Super Earth Flag Add to the Game

Regardless of whether the flag itself provides an in-game benefit, it would be more than cool to have it. It already exists as an objective-based Stratagem, so we figure it would not take much to add it at least like that. Giving us the ability to call in the flag like a Support Stratagem, carry it around, and plant it on destroyed bases or killed Chargers is exactly the type of silliness Helldivers 2 is based upon. We seriously doubt that anyone would object.

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