Helldivers 2 Fans Deliberate Is This the True Face of the Eagle 1 Pilot

Helldivers 2 image of the Eagle inside the Destroyer ship

There are a lot of NPCs in Helldivers 2, but during missions, you’ll mostly hear from the Eagle 1 pilot. Now, it looks like we can finally put a face to the voice.

In Helldivers 2, there are a couple of characters on your ship, besides you and your squad. But during missions, the only NPCs that you “interact” with are the Eagle 1 and Pelican 1 pilots. They are nowhere to be found between missions, so we do not know what they look like (and if they are even real people). A couple of days ago a certain fanart of Eagle 1 pilot has been circling the community and has been noticed by the Helldivers 2 team. Let’s see what that is all about.

The Community is Thrilled With the Eagle 1 Design

A certain artist named Spirit shared their take on the Eagle 1 pilot on April 5, and it proved to be quite popular. So much so that the Helldivers 2 X page decided to share it on April 15. The community’s response was positive and hilarious. Some put her beside other popular sci-fi female pilots from games (like Anderson from Black Ops 2) and movies (like Ferro from Aliens). Others state that we finally got a girl worth fighting for, referencing Disney’s Mulan from 1998.

Some say that it is just propaganda, to motivate the troops and that Eagle 1 is most probably automated, or looking nothing like the picture. “Knowing Super Earth she’s just a voice box for pilots to keep the Helldivers diving.” said Ghostile. Red_Sashimi thinks that she most probably looks like the rest of the Destroyer crew: “Everyone has a buzzcut in the SEAF, even high-ranking women like the ship master, so she probably has one, too.”

Is Spirit’s Eagle 1 Pilot Design Canon Now?

Well, we have no confirmation on that. For now, it is just fanart noticed and shared by the Helldivers 2 team. Fans are divided, some are adamant that it’s just fanart, with statements like “Sharing fanart doesn’t make it canon”. Others claim that since it was shared by the official X page of Helldivers 2, that makes it canon.

Either way, kudos to Spirit for making such an awesome representation of the Eagle 1 pilot. And, if the devs proclaim it as canon, the better.

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