Helldivers 2 Fans Offer Fascinating Solutions to Planet Effects Variety

Helldivers 2 players planet variety looking at rocks in the distance

There are a bunch of different planets in Helldivers 2, but after a while, they become repetitive. One Redditor has offered some ideas for new Planetary Effects and the community is backing him up, asking for more planet variety in Helldivers 2.

There are a lot of planets in Helldivers 2 so some repetition is likely to happen. There is not much you can do with a sand planet, they are all dry and hot, and Planetary Effects are bound to be similar. After playing Helldivers 2 for a while, you’ll be familiar with most, if not all, planet types and Planetary Effects. Some players began asking why there isn’t more variety on those planets. For example, why is the gravity completely identical on every planet in the game, it stands to reason that different planets will have different levels of gravity. Let’s see what the community thinks about the variety of planet effects in Helldivers 2.

The Helldivers 2 Community Offers Some Planetary Effects Suggestions

One Redditor, named ThePengu, has compiled a list of his suggestions for new Planetary Effects, like Flash Floods, Urban maps, and Tropical Monsoons, and the reception is quite positive. User gamewizz11 said: “I love these! Low gravity sounds fun. It’s highly improbable for all of these planets to have the exact same gravity.”

Helldivers 2 players looking at a misty wasteland
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Renorec added a very interesting suggestion: “I’d also love to experience planets that are much darker than the ones we have now so you have to make greater use of your flashlights and lights at objectives and PoIs.” Flashlights have a very limited purpose, and it is mostly cosmetic. Adding darker planets will make weapons with flashlights more valuable and that function more useful.

Fans Ask For More Planet Variety

Not every suggestion is strictly for in-game effects. Some fans ask for more “details”, like diverse flora and fauna: “It’d be cool to see a bit more biodiversity as well…Nothing that directly effects gameplay, but something to make it feel like there are more than 3 species in the galaxy.”

Helldivers 2 player look at anIon Storm
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Pagus added: “Also, the entire planet doesn’t need to be all 1 tile set…they can have zones. The equator can be lean desert or tropical. The temperate could be the most varied. The poles can be ice/cold/tundra/rock, etc.”

The Helldivers 2 team already did an excellent job with different planets and “tilesets”, to make you feel like you are really there, on those alien planets. We are aware that adding more details is not as simple as it sounds, but it will surely improve the overall feel of the game. That is not to say that the community is complaining, the amount of different planets is already greater than what you’d expect. But, down the line, things may get stale, especially for veteran players, so adding new effects and details will keep things fresh for everyone.

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