Helldivers 2 Players Furious Over Broken New Content

Helldivers 2 image of a Helldiver in front of a Scout Strider with no pilot

Recently we got a whole new batch of Level 4 Ship upgrades. But, it seems that they are not working as intended, and Helldivers 2 players are furious over this broken new content.

Helldivers 2 has regular updates and fixes. But, a number of issues still persist in the game, ruining the experience of some players. These issues range from falling through the ground on some points to straight-up crashing when using certain weapons. On April 11, along with the Democratic Detonation Warbond, a group of new Ship Modules had been added to the game. But, it seems that they are not working as intended, and that has made the community quite dissatisfied. So, let us see why are Helldivers 2 players furious with this new content, and what makes it broken.

New Content Does Not Work As Intended

In a Reddit post, a whole lot of Helldivers are expressing their dissatisfaction. The new modules are not working as intended, as one user pointed out: “I was excited for that first ship module this morning, the full resupply of support weapons, as an autocannon lifer its a Godsend. And then to find out it didn’t work for the cheap price of 100s of samples… yeah.”

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the Expendable Anti Tank aiming
Image via N4G Unlocked

Others claim that the stuff from the new Warbond is broken if you are not the host, as paradox-eater stated: “Threw 8 thermite grenades at a hulk today and couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t die, til I remembered that fire and DOT doesn’t work lol.” This is due to the fact that fire damage and other damage-over-time effects sometimes do not work properly if you are not the host. 

Community Wonders if Anyone is Testing Out New Content Before the Release

With the sheer number of errors, especially when new content drops, some fans think that more testing is needed. As MsElle_ said: “I feel like they’re trying to push out new content way too fast, and don’t have enough time to thoroughly test everything. It will likely get better over time, but I feel it’s going to take a while.” Others are not that forgiving and are threatening to quit the game altogether if these bugs and stability issues are not taken care of. 

With a new Warbond every month, and a bunch of updates and secret content added in between, it does look like Arrowhead is churning out new stuff way too fast. While we are sure that they have a QA team, a lot of errors will emerge when new content is given to the players. A lot of players state that they would gladly accept the delay in new content if it means that new stuff will work properly and existing issues will be taken care of.

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