When Is the Next Warbond Coming Out in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 screenshot of LAS-5 Scythe from the acquisitions screen

Everyone loves unlocking new stuff. Let’s see when is the next Warbond coming out in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 has Warbonds, a Battle-Pass-like system where you unlock new gear by spending Medals. This is how you get your hands on new weapons, armor, etc. Every Helldiver gets the Helldivers Mobilize! Warbond for free, but other Warbonds can be unlocked by spending Super Credits. Arrowhead Game Studios, the devs behind Helldivers 2, said they will be periodically releasing new Warbonds to keep things fresh, so let’s see when is a new one coming out.

When Is the Next Warbond Coming Out in Helldivers 2?

During one of the Q&A sessions, the devs were asked: “How often will new Warbonds be released? Can we preview the content in them?” And their answer was: “For right now, Warbonds will be released every second Thursday of the month. Every time a new Warbond is released, you will be able to preview the content, and the Warbonds will never disappear, so you can purchase them or not whenever you want to.”

The next Warbond, titled Polar Patriots, is confirmed to be released on May 9, 2024.

The last Warbond for Helldivers 2 came out in April (that is the second Thursday in April 2024). The title is “Democratic Detonation” and it costs 1000 Super Credits to unlock.

HELLDIVERS 2 – Pre-Purchase – Super Citizen Edition – PC [Online Game Code]
  • BECOME A LEGEND – You will be assembled into squads of up to four Helldivers and assigned strategic missions. Watch each other’s back – friendly fire is an unfortunate certainty of war, but victory without teamwork is impossible.
  • LOADOUTS – Rain down freedom from above, sneak through enemy territory, or grit your teeth and charge head-first into the jaws of combat. How you deliver liberty is your choice; you’ll have access to a wide array of explosive firepower, life-saving armour and battle-changing stratagems… the jewel in every Helldiver’s arsenal.
  • REQUISITION – Super Earth recognises your hard work with valuable Requisition. Use it to access different rewards that benefit you, your squad, your destroyer ship and our overall war effort.
  • THREATS – Everything on every planet wants you dead. That’s what we’re dealing with. Each enemy has distinct and unpredictable characteristics, tactics, and behaviour – but they all fight ferociously and without fear or morality.

What Can We Expect From the Next Warbond

The next Warbond, Polar Patriots, has a “snowy” theme, and it will come with three new Primary Weapons (AR-61 Tenderizer, SMG-72 Pummeler, and PLAS-101 Purifier), one Secondary (P-113 Verdict), three armor sets, a new Grenade (G-13 Incendiary Grenade), three Victory Poses, three Capes, and three new Player Cards, as every Premium Warbond before it. Also a new Booster.

Helldivers 2 splash image for Polar Patriots Warbond
Image via Sony and Arrowhead Game Studios

Which Warbonds Are Currently Released

Here is the list of all Warbonds currently available in Helldivers 2. Remember that Warbonds are evergreen, ie, old Warbonds do not disappear when new ones arrive, allowing you to get each one at your own pace.

  • Helldivers Mobilize! (February 8, 2024)
  • Steeled Veterans (February 8, 2024)
  • Cutting Edge (March 14, 2024)
  • Democratic Detonation (April 11, 2024)
  • Polar Patriots (May 9, 2024)

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