Helldivers 2: Malevelon Creek, What Is it and Why Is it Important

Helldivers 2 image of Malevelon Creek on teh Galactic map

There is so much talk about Malevelon Creek in Helldivers 2, but not everyone understands why. We are here to shed some light on this legendary planet.

Helldivers 2 does not have a fixed narrative as you might expect. Rather, it has Major Orders that serve that purpose, encouraging players to act on certain planets. Those planetary invasions and defense campaigns are the “live story” that all Helldivers are a part of. Victories and defeats are what shape the global narrative of Helldivers 2. In that regard, a certain planet has become so popular that everyone was either fighting on it or has at least heard of it. That planet is Malevelon Creek. Keep reading to learn what is Malevelon Creek and why is it so important.

The Story of Malevelon Creek in Helldivers 2

Malevelon Creek is an unassuming planet in the Severin Sector. At the beginning of the Helldivers 2 narrative, we only had the Terminids to deal with. Countless players have already mastered the art of bug-fighting and were looking for a new challenge. But, everything changed when The Automaton Collective attacked. 

First Contact

Overconfident, thousands of Helldivers went to the western fringe of the Galaxy, where the Automatons had invaded. One planet in the Severin Sector served as the gateway to the rest of the planets in the sector and that planet was Malevelon Creek. The Automatons proved a hard nut to crack, and even the veterans of the Terminids wars were outmatched. Calls for reinforcements were answered and more and more Heldivers diverted their attention to this particular planet.

Losing Ground

The Automatons were merciless in their attacks. The dense jungles of Malevelon Creek (shoutout to the design team of Arrowhead, since Malevelon is beautifully designed, with blueish mist and jungles, contrasted by the glowing red lights of the Automatons) were filled with laser fire, mines, and binary chatter. No matter how many bots were destroyed, more came to take their place.

Helldivers 2 image of glowing eyes on Malevelon Creek
Image via N4G Unlocked

This proved too much for the majority of Helldivers, and they slowly went back to the Terminid front. The liberation progress of the planet was reduced day by day. Those brave souls who remained were stubbornly fighting a losing battle. Named the Creek Crawlers, they served as a propaganda booster, and that elevated the planet to an almost-legendary status. Sadly, that will also be its downfall.

Malevelon Creek Cut-Off

With more and more Helldivers wanting to participate in the Malevelon Creek fighting, the other planets in the vicinity have been ignored. The Automatons began invasion on these planets, and have time and time again cut off Malevelon Creek from the supply lines. On February 25, the planet has officially been declared lost. The Automatons pushed deeper into other sectors, completely preventing any Helldiver from approaching the Creek. This is the first major Super Earth defeat since the official release of the game.

Helldivers 2 screenshot of Helldivers enetering a Pelican Dropship
Image via N4G Unlocked

Operation Swift Disassembly

The Western Front has been all but forgotten. So much was going on on the Terminid front, that the majority of Helldivers focused their attention on keeping the space bugs away. When that was over, Super Earth hatched a new invasion plan against the Automatons. Titled Operation Swift Disassembly, the goal is to drive the Automatons back once and for all.

It started on March 26, and the first phase of the Operation proved successful. Thousands upon Thousands of Helldivers stormed the Automaton-controlled planets. Now with the help of the Patriot Exosuits and new weapons, a big push has been made and planets were liberated. Orders came in, requesting assistance on other planets in the sector, but Helldivers were there with only one purpose in mind – to avenge their comrades and retake Malevelon Creek once and for all.

Helldivers 2 poster for Malevelon Creek reclamation
Image via Helldivers 2 on X

This put the whole operation in jeopardy, but, after so much time, Malevelon Creek is 100% Liberated and in the hands of Super Earth.

Final Stages

With Malevelon Creek taken, thousands of Helldivers are avenged, and Super Earth is sending colonists to repopulate the planet. But, the Automatons are not going to give it up easily. Counterattacks are already underway, and the final stages of Operation Swift Disassembly call for the defense of Malevelon Creek, Ubanea, and Daupnir. Helldivers are not going to abandon Malevelon Creek once again.

We hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and now understand what is all the hubbub about Malevelon Creek. For more on Helldivers 2, check out How to Get and Use the Ballistic Shield, How to Find and Kill Hulks, and How to Get and Use the Breaker Spray & Pray.


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