Helldivers 2 Fans Are Underwhelmed With Lazy New Perks

Helldivers 2 screenshot of a Fire Tornado

A new Warbond was released yesterday, bringing us explosive-themed equipment. But, it seems that the new Perks are found wanting are suffering from lazy design, and Helldivers 2 fans are underwhelmed by them.

In Helldivers 2, each Armor has a specific Perk attached to it. Players either use the Armor with Perks that best suit their playstyle, or pick the Armor depending on the mission. Either way, having Armor sets with different Perks is always better.

The last Warbond was themed around electricity, so almost every item in that Warbond had something to do with electricity, energy, and arc weapons. The newest Warbond, Democratic Detonation, is themed around explosions and fans expected a similar result. But, when it comes to Armor Perks in the new Armor sets, Helldivers 2 fans are quite underwhelmed by what they got.

New Armor Perks in Helldivers 2 Are Not What Everyone Has Hoped For

In Cutting Edge, all Armor sets had a new Perk, which protects from Arc damage. Very appropriate, considering that the whole Warbond is themed around that type of damage. On that note, fans expected that the Armor sets in Democratic Detonation would have something to do with fire and explosions.

Especially if you look at some of the descriptions: “Originally worn by Lunar terraformers, this suit can withstand rapid changes in pressure, heat, and personal velocity.” Not to mention that the design of the Medium Armor looks a lot like a Fireman uniform. But, when the Warbond went live, on April 11, new Armor sets had the already existing Armor Perks and nothing to do with fire. This has disappointed the community pretty much.

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the Ground Breaker Armor from Democratic Detonation
Image via N4G Unlocked

In one Reddit post, players express their dissatisfaction with Armor Perks in Democratic Detonation. El_Denis: “With all the buffs to fire dmg, I was actually sure they would drop some fire resistance somewhere in this warbond…” with PrimoRaizel adding: ”Whats weird is that the first and second premium warbonds all had a theme for each of the three armor sets. First warbond had servo-assisted and second had the insulated one. Third warbond has all 3 different bonuses for some reason.“ 

Fans Were Hoping For Something Fire-related

With all the fire and explosions promised for the latest Warbond, fans are wondering why don’t new Armor sets have Perks that have something to do with fire damage. Cutting Edge Armor Perks all gave 95% Arc damage resistance, and the question is: Why don’t the new Armor sets have something similar? Hallraisermask said: “Yeah im really disappointed we didnt get anything against fire or acid. Cool weapons, Cool armor designs bad the stats man.”

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While we understand that the constant adding of new Armor Perks is not that easy to implement, having thematic Armor sets with appropriate Perks (like in Cutting Edge) would make everyone happy. But, maybe the devs will change these Traits down the line. If not, there is always the next Warbond.

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