Is There PvP in Helldivers 2 and Will it Be Added in the Future

Player investigates a statue in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 is a game that focuses on fighting the Galactic War and protecting Super Earth from alien threats. But is there PvP in Helldivers 2, and if not, is it planned to be added in the future? Here’s what we know.

In Helldivers 2, a game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony, you team up with up to three other players and complete various missions on alien planets. Those missions vary from eliminating commanders and destroying silos to launching huge missiles and protecting civilians. All of this implies that the game is predominantly PvE. But, some players have been asking if PvP mode is available, or if it will be down the line. With that in mind, let’s see if there is PvP in Helldivers.

Helldivers 2: Is there PvP

No, there is no PvP in Helldivers 2, it is a strictly PvE experience. The goal of the game is to fight space bugs and robots, with your squad on your side. The emphasis is on teamwork (although, nothing is stopping you from going solo, some players like the single-player experience), not on outplaying others. 

The closest thing Helldivers 2 has to PvP is the fact that friendly fire is always on. More than one Helldiver has died due to the actions of his comrades. However, it is there to enhance the gritty experience of the game, not to serve as a way to eliminate other players. But, will it be added somewhere in the future?

Will PvP Be Added in the Future?

People have been asking this question for a while, and the answer from the devs is a resounding “no”. Johan Pilestedt, the CEO of Arrowhead, said that they will never add a PvP mode, to avoid the toxic elements that usually follow that. Furthermore, when accused of being scared to add PvP, Pilestedt stated that it is not the case, but the goal is to make the best co-op game ever.

This is an admirable decision by the developers. There are lots of great PvP games, but the scene is lacking in quality PvE games. Sometimes you just want to have a fun time with your friends, without the toxicity that usually follows PvP games.

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