Can You Play Helldivers 2 With PS Plus

Helldivers 2 screenshot of a downed Dropship

Is the new sci-fi craze available to play with PlayStation’s subscription service? Let’s see, read on to see whether you can play Helldivers 2 on PS Plus.

Helldivers 2 is a sci-fi co-op shooter that proved to be a massive hit. You and up to three of your squad members are tasked with various missions on alien planets. There is also a hidden game master that makes constant changes and improvements to the narrative, which keeps everyone engaged. It has millions of players, although it is only playable on PC and PlayStation. But, do PS users have to get their own copy, or can you play HD2 with PS Plus? Read on to find out.

Helldivers 2: Can You Play It for Free With PS Plus

Unfortunately, no. Helldivers 2 is currently unavailable to play via PlayStation’s subscription service. You have to purchase it the usual way, over the PlayStation webstore, for $39.99.

We have no information regarding whether Helldiver 2 will be on PS Plus in the future. The game is still hot and the number of players keeps increasing. If that slows down, HD2 may appear on the PS Plus list of games. Almost all PlayStation Studios games have appeared on their subscription service after a while, usually after a year or two. We may see Helldivers 2 on PS Plus somewhere in 2025 or 2026.

Do You Need PS Plus to Play Helldivers 2?

As a matter of fact, you do. Regardless of the fact that Helldivers 2 is not on PS’s subscription service, you still need PS Plus to play games online. To be able to play any PlayStation game online, you need to be subscribed to PS Plus, and HD2 is no different.

Helldivers 2 image from the PlayStation website
Image via PlayStation Website

It is predominantly a multiplayer game, and even if you want to play solo, there is no offline mode. You have to be online regardless of how you want to play the game, and that requires you to have a PS Plus subscription.

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