How to Get Darkness in Hades 2

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Darkness is one of the rarest resources in Hades 2, so read this article to see how to get it.

There is a ton of different materials for Melinoe to gather in Hades 2. These range from mundane, like Rubbish, Bronze, or Garlic, to more magical in nature, like Thalamus or Psyche. But, some materials are solidified essences, like Nightmare or Darkness. Speaking of Darkness, it is in the form of a purple-colored gem that Melinoe needs for some upgrades, mainly for her Arcana Cards. But, this resource is not easily found, so keep reading to see how to get Darkness in Hades 2, and what’s it for.

Hades 2: How to Get Darkness

Darkness was abundant in the first Hades game. However, since Chronos imprisoned Nyx (the goddess of night), the amount of darkness found in Hades 2 is greatly reduced. So, for now, you can only find Darkness in the realm of Chaos. 

When you unlock the ability to see and access Chaos Gates, you’ll be greeted by Chaos itself. After a couple of interactions and runs, Chaos will give you one Dark for free. After that, there is a chance that you will find Darkness during your runs in the realm of Chaos.

However, it is not guaranteed. As you might expect from the realm of Chaos, your chances of finding some Darkness in there are very random. It is not a guaranteed find in every Chaos run. So, to increase your chances of finding some, you should enter every Chaos Gate that you find. 

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How to Use Darkness

For now, Darkness has very limited uses in Hades 2. You need it for a Weapon Aspect (Thanatos Aspect for the Moonstone Axe), and to increase the number of Arcana Cards that you can activate at one time (called Grasp of the Arcana). We are pretty sure that Supergiant Games will add more upgrades that require some Darkness in the future. But, for now, this super-rare resource is needed for just a few things in the game.


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