All Ninja Turtles Skins Coming to Fortnite. More Cosmetics and LEGO Style

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming to today’s best battle royale game. Let’s take a look at all Ninja Turtles Skins coming to Fortnite.

Everyone loves cosmetics in games. You can express yourself through different item skins in Fortnite, dances, Emotes, and Outfits. You can show off your funny side, holiday appreciation, love for a certain game, musician, or a franchise in general. Those players who have been here for a while have certainly grown up on Ninja Turtles, and are thrilled that Epic’s next collab is with them. That means we will certainly see Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo as Outfits in the future. But there are so many cool characters in Ninja Turtles. Let’s look at all the Ninja Turtles skins coming to Fortnite.

Ninja Turtle Outfits and Other Cosmetics

Ninja Turtles collab is upon us, so we have compiled this list of all the Cosmetics that come with its release.

  • Outfits
    • Leonardo (Epic)
    • Donatello (Epic)
    • Raphael (Epic)
    • Michelangelo (Epic)
    • April O’Neil (Epic)
  • Back Bling
    • Channel 6 News Camera (Epic)
    • Donnie’s Bo Sheath (Epic)
    • Leo’s Saya (Epic)
    • Mikey’s Board & Chucks (Epic)
    • Raph’s Sai Holster (Epic)
    • Hero Half-Shell (in four different-colored Styles) (Rare)
  • Pickaxe
    • Donnie’s Bo Staff (Epic)
    • Leo’s Katana (Epic)
    • Mikey’s Nunchucks (Epic)
    • Raph’s Sai (Epic)
    • Boom Mic (Rare)
  • Sprays
    • Pizza Time (Uncommon)
    • Secret’s Out (Uncommon)
    • TMNT Lid (Uncommon)
    • Rat King (Uncommon)
    • Channel 6 (Uncommon)
    • Leo’s Tag (Uncommon)
    • Donnie’s Tag (Uncommon)
    • Raph’s Tag (Uncommon)
    • Mikey’s Tag (Uncommon)
  • Instruments
    • Leo’s Shredder (Epic)
    • Half-Shelf Sai-Tar (Epic)
    • Mic Chuck (Epic)
    • Key Bo-Ard (Epic)

All these items are part of a TMNT Bundle. Also, there will be individual Bundles for all characters with accompanying cosmetics (ie. Back Bling and Pickaxe): Leonardo Bundle, Donatello Bundle, Raphael Bundle, Michelangelo Bundle, and April O’Neil Bundle.

Will we Have Ninja Turtles Skins in LEGO Fortnite?

Some rumors were circling that Ninja Turtles Outfits will not be available for the LEGO game mode. This started when the leaked photos and videos of skins showed “This item is usable in Battle Royale, Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing.” But, after some more research, we came across all of these TMNT Oufits in their respective LEGO Styles, so it seems they’ll definitely be available in LEGO Fortnite.

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