Where to Find Peter Griffin in Fortnite – Location Details

Peter Griffin drops from helicopter in Fortnite

Trying to figure out where you can find Peter Griffin in Fortnite? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out where to look for the fan-favorite Family Guy character this season.

With the start of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, loads of new content has been added to the wildly popular game. In addition to the new LEGO Fortnite game mode and the reveal of leaked Fortnite x Dragon Ball skins, you can now find yet another fan-favorite TV character. Family Guy’s Peter Griffin has made his way to the game, and you’ll have a chance to meet him as you explore the new map. What’s more, you can also add the character’s skin to your wardrobe. Here’s where to find Peter Griffin and how to get his character skin in Fortnite.

Where to Find Peter Griffin in Fortnite

Peter Griffin map location in Fortnite
Image by N4G Unlocked via Fortnite.GG

In Fortnite C5S1, you’ll always be able to find Peter Griffin in the same place: Snooty Steppes. This location can be found in the bottom-left of your map, as indicated in the above image. That said, the Family Guy character is a member of the Society. Because of this, you will be able to see his exact location marked on your map for easy tracking.

In this location, the NPC boss will always spawn inside the mansion that sits on top of the hill. Just bear in mind that he’ll be heavily guarded by an army of Legion guards, consisting of Heavy Grunts and Heavy Elites. Moreover, Peter himself will come equipped with ample health and shields — which recharge rather quickly.

With solid weapons up your sleeve, you should be able to take this boss out and score his Society Medallion in the process. Once this item is in your inventory, your own shields will recharge faster.

Family Guy Season 17
  • MacFarlane, Seth, Green, Seth, Borstein, Alex (Actors)

How to Get Peter Griffin Skins in Fortnite

In order to get your hands on the Peter Griffin skin, you’ll need to buy this season’s Battle Pass. With enough V-Bucks saved up, you should be able to snag the character. However, you’re going to need to reach Level 70 to successfully pick up the skin. If you manage to complete the Battle Pass, you can also score both the Fancy Peter Griffin and Gold Plated Peter Griffin variants.

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