What Are LEGO Styles in Fortnite? Explained

Fortnite LEGO screenshot of four character standing

LEGO Fortnite is about to be released and it’s packed with LEGO-themed content. But fans everywhere are wondering what are LEGO Styles in Fortnite. Let’s check it out.

Fortnite is on top of the charts for Battle Royale games. Its massive popularity brings other franchises to it in the form of collaborations. These range from pop stars, movies, cartoons, other games, and recently, toy brands. That’s right, LEGO is collaborating with Epic Games and now we have a new game mode called LEGO Fortnite. A lot of things in the game are receiving a LEGO-style makeover. Speaking off, what are LEGO Styles in Fortnite? Let’s find out.

Fortnite – What Are LEGO Styles?

LEGO Styles are special Styles for your Fortnite Outfits. It is announced that 1.200 Outfits will receive a LEGO treatment. We know that all original Fortnite Outfits will have a LEGO Style, as well as some of those from collabs and such. What we know is that the newest Outfits, like Peter Griffin and Eminem, have not received their LEGO makeover. Will we ever see them in a  LEGO Style is unknown at the moment. We should point out that LEGO Styles are only available in LEGO Fortnite. That is, you cannot use LEGO Styles in your regular Battle Royale games.

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How to Access LEGO Styles?

To have a LEGO Style for your Outfit, you only need to have the original Outfit already purchased. You don’t need to make any additional purchases. Accessing LEGO Styles is quite easy. Simply go to your Discover menu, find LEGO Fortnite and there you can select a LEGO Style for an Outfit that you already possess. If you are wondering if an Outfit you plan on purchasing has a LEGO Style, check the Outfit’s detail page in the Shop.

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