How to Gift Skins in Fortnite? Explained

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Holidays are on the way and people are already planning and preparing gifts for friends and family. If you have a special friend in Fortnite that you would like to surprise with a gift, this article explains how to gift Skins and other items.

Fortnite is famous for, apart from being a top-rated battle royale game, its huge selection of Skins, Emotes, Dances, etc. Players take great pride in all the cosmetics they own, especially since many of them are available to buy for a limited time before being replaced with something else. So, if you want to gift some Outfits to your friends, let’s see how to do it.

How to Gift Cosmetics in Fortnite

Gifting Skins in Fortnite is quite simple. Head on to the Item Store and select the Outfit you would like to gift. Note that you have to pay for it with V-Bucks like you are purchasing it for yourself. Select the Skin, and choose the Gift To Friends option. This will open the list of your Fortnite friends, and there find the friend you wish to gift the Skin to. Naturally, if your friend already owns the item, you will not be able to gift it to them. You will be asked to confirm your choice and you’re done. Your friend will receive a notification that they have received a gift.

Crystal skin in Fortnite
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Skins are not the only cosmetics you can gift to your friends. You can also gift Pickaxes, Gliders, Contrails, Emotes, Wraps, Music, and Loading Screens. In addition, you can gift a Battle Pass to your friends, but that can only be done with real money.

Are there any conditions you must meet before gifting anything? There are, take a look.

Gifting Restrictions in Fortnite

We saw how easy it is to gift Skins and other cosmetics in Fortnite, but, to prevent the misuse, Epic Games has several restrictions for it. First of all, both of you must have 2-factor authentication activated on their accounts. Second, the recipient must have been on your Friend List for at least 48 hours. Lastly, you are limited to giving five gifts per day.

Can You Gift Your Own Outfits to Friends?

If you are wondering if can you gift your own Oufits to somebody else, the answer is no. At the moment, there is no option to trade cosmetics with your friends. You can only purchase them as a gift. Sadly, we have no information if that will be an option in the future.

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