Where to Find Coastal Columns and Mount Olympus in Fortnite

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You have to visit two locations to complete one of Fortnite’s quests. This article explains where to find Coastal Columns and Mount Olympus in Fortnite.

In Fortnite, events may offer their own questlines. Also, Fortnite is known to team up with other franchises, and at the moment, the collab with Avatar: The Last Airbender is underway. One of its features is the Avatar-themed questline, and one of those quests requires you to visit both Mount Olympus and Coastal Columns. In that regard, keep reading to learn where to find Coastal Columns and Mount Olympus in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Best Way to Find Mount Olympus and Coastal Columns

Getting from one place to the other is simple, so here’s how best to do it. First, you should go to Mount Olympus, which you can see on your map. It is located in the southwestern section of the island. The best way to get there is to jump from the Battle Bus and simply glide towards Mount Olympus. Once you hit the ground, you should see the quest progress change. Now is the time to find Coastal Columns.

This part is a little trickier since Coastal Columns do not appear on the map. But, we’re here to guide you.

  • Starting from Mount Olympus, pick up any loot there that you like and head down the western stairs.
  • There you will find some motorcycles you can drive and hop on one of them.
  • Make your way towards the Pleasant Piazza.
  • Once there, head directly west.
  • Before you reach the coastline, you’ll see a small complex of stone structures. That is the Coastal Columns landmark.
  • Approach it to trigger the quest and now the quest should be completed.

Rewards for Find the Coastal Columns and Mount Olympus Quest

If you manage to find both Mount Olympus and Coastal Columns, you will receive 350 Chi as a reward. Moreover, completing Earth Charka quests (such as finding Coastal Columns and Mount Olympus) will move you closer to opening your Earth Charka, which, in turn, moves you one step closer to unlocking the Appa Glider.

Thankfully, this quest is very easy to do, and you’ll be unlocking your Earth Chakra in no time. Unlock all six Chakras and you will get the exclusive Avatar-themed Glider.

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