Fortnite – How to Get the Bust a Move Emote?

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Icon Series Emotes are quite popular in Fortnite, so read this article to see how to get the Bust a Move Emote.

Fortnite is among the most popular multiplayer shooters of today. Besides the usual gunfights, fans just love the various Emotes the game has, ranging from dances to quirky gestures. Imitating Fortnite Emotes and Dances is one of the most popular challenges on many video-sharing platforms. Fortnite Dances usually imitate some real-world dances (like Gangnam Style) or are made for some specific songs. One just like that is today’s topic, so let’s see how to get the Bust a Move Dance for Fortnite.

How to Get Bust a Move in Fortnite?

You can simply get the Bust a Move Dance in Fortnite by purchasing it from the Item Shop. You have to set aside 500 V-Bucks for it. The problem is it is now always available in the Shop. It first appeared on September 7, 2023, during Chapter 4 of Season 4. Since then it has appeared periodically in the shop, lasting only 24 hours. Its last appearance was recently, on September 23. Bust a Move is almost three months old and has appeared only a couple of times so it is likely it will be available again soon.

What is Bust a Move Emote?

Bust a Move Emote is a dancing Emote in Fortnite, of Icon Series type. It is based on the song Bust a Move by Young MC. The song part that is featured contains some language deemed inappropriate by Epic Games and has been censored in the game.

In addition, it is a Synched Emote. Synched Emotes are Emotes that other players can join into. For example, if another player is dancing the Bust a Move, you can simply approach him and the Emote Together prompt will appear. Synched Emotes can sometimes have different animations if other players are involved.

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