How To Get Alan Wake Skin In Fortnitemares 2023

Fortnite Fortnitemares new skin Alan Wake

This year’s Fortnitemares has finally arrived, complete with new heroes, weapons, cosmetics, and Outfits. One of those is everyone’s favourite writer Alan Wake, so let’s see how can we get Alan Wake skin in Fortnitemares 2023.

Alan Wake has got his hands full this spooky season. His newest game, Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake 2 is set to be released on October 27. In the meantime, he will be joining us in Fortnitemares 2023. But how to get Alan Wake skin in Fortnitemares 2023 exactly? Let’s find out.

Fortnitemares 2023 – How To Get Alan Wake Outfit

Same as the rest of the collaboration Outfits, Alan Wake skin release date has yet to be announced. The developers stated: “Look out for when his chapter starts in the Item Shop later during Fortnitemares 2023”. Most probably, he will be available to purchase only in the Item Shop, as there is no indication that any of these Outfits will be free. Alan Wake Outfit is a part of the Waking Nightmares Item Set. In it, we’ll also get Alan’s Messinger Bag (Back Bling), a Dark Place Lamp (Pickaxe), and a Dark Place (Wrap).

Alan Wake Remastered
  • Intense combat, where it takes more than bullets to banish the darkness
  • Weaken ‘The Taken’ with light before finishing them for good
  • Use lights in the environment as islands of safety in a world where darkness is deadly
  • Find manuscript pages from a novel Wake does not remember writing
  • Travel through a visually stunning and terrifying version of the Pacific Northwest, with newly remastered visual fidelity bringing a classic game to new platforms and players

Possible Release Date Of Waking Nightmares Skin

Wait a minute. Now, this is all speculation and the author’s own thoughts, so, get your tinfoil hat ready. The game Alan Wake 2 is coming out on October 27. The end date for Fortnitemares is November 3. That gives us a week between those two dates. Wouldn’t it be quite appropriate for Alan Wake’s Bundle to be released at the same time as the next installment of his franchise? And, it’s not too late of a date, he’ll have a full week. Are we on to something here? That would mean each of the three collaboration skins will be released weekly, starting on Friday 13. Coincidence? Let us know what you think about that.

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