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Personally Hot Pursuit was the best for me! It was awesome. The downside is that it was too easy to level up as a cop or "bandito".

People leveled up super fast and then the online community died down pretty quick.

I really think that game was awesome, and they should have made it more difficult to level up.

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Bold Statement.

I salute you!

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Good points Locksus! I don't expect PS4 next year though.

Q4 2012 has been a great game for shooter fans like myself.

Skyrim I think was also another great entry this year.

As much as I agree with you, It's hard to see a year with a better set of game releases, other than having them released earlier in the year. Most of the beginning of 2012 was a little dry.

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XCOM. I'm glad you brought that up. I knew I had been forgetting something, game-wise, it's XCOM.

I'm going to pick it up today.

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Wow dogdirt. That is a great way to present the information. "Rich heritage" indeed.

GTA: created a new genre
Total War: vastly improved and combined two genres, RTS and TBS.
Forza Horizon: brand spanking new.
Crackdown: Not my cup of tea but a fav among pick-up and play
Fable: Again, incredible. fable 3 not so much. But part 2 brought my family together. Literally. We all played together.
Batman Arkham: Check the Google st...

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Lol!! Well, thanks for noticing bud. Glad you're paying attention. There's more to come, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your outlook.

This has real content though. Less opinion, more "fun facts." One of my UK authors wrote it and even I was surprised at some of the stuff that's come out of the UK.

Who knew. As far as I was concerned, it was all Japan and Cali, and then Canada and some Eastern Block countries. I never pegged...

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No, you won't lose anything I think playing out of sequence.

It is a very involved story but overall it would not mean anything if the gameplay was not good.

It's a shame you missed the 1st Halo. I still remember... Ahh.

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I wanna come home!!!!

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Ugh... I'm using my last bubble on you bud.

You can disagree all you want. Makes no difference and is utterly irrelevant. Still, I appreciate your opinion, and while I disagree with it, since I know my intention, "I will fight for your right to say it"

The contradiction in question is that you are proposing that this article is meant to rile things up, as if it carried that kind of weight, then you minimize it my suggesting a Tweet would have s...

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It sure is my Opinion Piece. Perhaps you missed the Opinion Piece Tag. I don't fault you for it.

There's no intention to rile anything up.

Really? This Opinion piece "that could have been left to twitter" is all of a sudden going to start some kind of UK vs US rants.

I suggest you read your own posts to check for contradictions. And don't be so uptight! It's just one person's opinion. Much like yours I guess. W...

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The first one listed threw me off. But as I moved on to the next games, I was pleased. Dishonored... YES! Good post!

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Great Read!!! Thanks!

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I'm having trouble believing that the Wii U will be a high definition graphic console.

Saying it will be in 1080p does not mean anything if the graphics are not good to begin with.

Still, if Nintendo is finally making graphics a priority, I'm more than happy to come HOME... I miss you Nintendo!

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Free To Play. This is a good move! I wonder if the purchase by Disney of Star Wars, has anything to do with this.

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You know soccer games can be so freakin fun. This game looks promising for the 3DS.

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I love it when retro games are brought back allowing us to relive some great childhood moments.

With the increasing power of mobile devices this is really a new market for retro games. I wonder if someone gets royalty payments, like they do in movies.

A movie could be super old, but every time it's on the Telly, someone is getting royalties.

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This game is a sleeper hit. it doesn't seem it's getting the marketing or props it really should.

This video looks pretty slick. I may have to pick this game up.

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I'm a proud American, and we generally do not apologize for who we are, what we stand for, or HOW WE GAME!

Red White and Blue baby. Oh Wait, those are the same colors of the British flag. I wonder if there's a correlation...

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Approved! Good Review!

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