I'm The Guy, Behing the Guy, Behind The Guy...


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I can't hear the "caller" or someone else in the background.
Definitely sounded like they were talking about something interesting but I could not make out because the "caller" could not be heard.

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by Dr Nikki,
June 21,2012

The article states who it's by but not the date. Apologies for that. Normally dates are not indicated. Perhaps they should. Thanks GrammarNazi.

Darksceptile: LOL! Yes I think I would, but I probably would not tell many people about it. I would say I got beat up by five guys. Still, unlikely to happen because I avoid violence at all costs, and I carry a gun (with a permit). We do that in Texas. Self Defense and all (much b...

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I personally don't care if I get beat my a female in ANY game. I'm mediocre at BF3 and all the COD series. But I still play because I love it.

There is one thing I can't handle as a MAN. And that is, getting beat by a 12 yr old in a 1v1 game. Whether it's racing (Hot Pursuit), sports (soccer), or Strategy (R.U.S.E), as soon as I find out it was a sub-teenager, I'm instantly annoyed. Grhhh!!!!

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LOL! Nah man. This was written by a female.
Pregnant = Pregnant

Pregnant does not equal Retarded.

Oh wait. pregant... it's mispelled!!!!


That's what happens when you let a man handle the simple task of Adding the title.

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My sister started her Gaming career with Fable 2.

It was awesome to spend time together with her and my brother in law. Later she moved over to Borderlands and Fable 3.

This is why I am looking forward to Borderlands 2 so much. Once again my sister and brother in law will be able to all get together and play as a family...

It's Priceless really.

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HAHA. It is!

I don't understand women. At least not fully. And that's ok. I don't think I'm meant to. Just like my girl doesn't always get me.

But reading this article I felt as though I was looking into the mind of the opposite sex.

More importantly, I felt like I was peeking into the soul of a kindred spirit.

One that is on the surface vastly different than me, but in reality, I share a lot with.

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Tried it last night along with that robot mech game.

Oh man, the mech game was frustrating as hell. maybe because I was tired.

But my girlfriend and I enjoyed the Wreckateer demo.

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Cool! I have had the same problem with site speed. I had to move heaven and earth to speed it up. It helped but mine could still be faster. www.ludos-mundi.com

Samson, Wait, there's a demo!???

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Thanks for the article. Going to download the demo right now!

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Funny for about 30 seconds.

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Looking forward to this one. Please speed up your website. Otherwise, good article.

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FIFA games always have the best and most diverse soundtracks.

FIFA 12 took it to a new level. I hope FIFA 13 does the same thing. I love how the soundtracks brings that international flavor to Americans. I for one love it!

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Well Said.

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Yeah you did. When I joined N4G I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I posted this as a blog entry.

Later people told me to post on News Section.

Only now I decided to put this article in the news section as an Opinion piece. Definitely not my intention to recycle material.

I did want to see how it did Temperature wise, though. It's not duplicate material on News section so I'm definitely trying to follow n4g guidelines and ...

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Nice catch. Was hoping no one would notice that.

That picture/thumbnail was too hard to pass up though.

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Give us your list crazysammy.

Do you think the other list by amandadyar is better maybe?

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So funny. I posted a similar article 2 hours ago. Luckily my list is different, except for Bayonetta.

Interesting the difference of opinion in the list. One could argue that if you had 10 different people each make a list, you would get 11 different lists...


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Wow. Not including Samus was the biggest goof...unless she's in the Top 10 List. One could argue she would be in the top 10 but not in the top 5. One could also get one's head bashed in for saying that... :-)

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I could not agree with this article more.

It seems more and more that PC Gaming is going to be the way to go, by default.

I hate to make this comparison, but it's kinda like having Romney, if you're a Republican...

That may be too harsh a comparison. Poor Republicans... That's the best you could come up with.

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