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I wonder it XCOM will deliver, and finally fill that void missing in consoles. Nothing really worthy in the strategy genre.

All those games that IGN and gamespot rate with a 7 or 8, like Halo Wars and such, it should be more like 3's or 4's.

Those games utterly suck. About the only game that has gotten it right on the console is R.U.S.E

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WTF! Oh snap! this should be good!

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I only play in cockpit view!

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Looking forward to this one! Been a while since I played Navy Field.

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You must be on Something! Any COD is better than that.

But BF3 is better than ALL COD's. We'll see about Black Ops 2, though.

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Agreed. BF3 is the best!

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This game looks great.

Been waiting for smartphone games to step it up. So far the only developer I trust is Kairosoft. I might this company a shot. I like what i see!

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I'm surprised no one has taken issue with Adolf Hitler being on the list.

George Washington should definitely be on there at some point.

Nobunaga is practically a legend. And while most have played a game with him in it, they're not aware of his impact in the unification of Japan under one Shogun.

A good comparison most can relate to is JFK. What would have been had he not died before his time.

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Great News Post, Emilio!

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I think dboyc310 makes an a great point. Unless your actively surfing these sites, you won't have a clue this thing is out there.

With as much money as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have invested in this industry, they will move to squash this thing.

Unless, as I mentioned in my first comment, Google backs it.

Which if I know Google, and I DON'T, haha, but if I did, I would bet the farm they will back it at some point.

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Great Article. I've been following the news on the Ouya with some careful skepticism.

I'm excited about it, but not overly optimistic about it's future.

Time will tell. I suspect Google will at some point jump in to financially support the development of this system, if they are not already.

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The site has significant content on the big names.

Halo 4
Borderlands 2
Battlefield 3
Medal of Honor Warfighter
Max Payne 3
Assasin's Creed 3
Black Ops 2

I dunno, does it get any bigger than that?

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Well put and on point from beginning to end. Bubble Up!

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Compiling this list was no easy task. There are so many great shooters that don't get the kind of recognition they should.

Partly because they don't have big budget advertisement.

The multiplayer aspect of some shooters really makes them stand out, but it's really nice sometimes to find a shooter that focuses on single player campaign with a good story.

The article attempts to highlight which of these games is a good mutiplayer ...

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sniping only WOULD be awkward... To me. But the article provided some other possible game modes. That got me more interested than anything else.

No Snipers in BF3 would be good. Dang i hate being shot from butt-freakin nowhere. And there's no Killcam so you don't know where the mofo that shot you is unless you know the map like the back of your hand.

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Holy Shite this is the funniest stuff I've read in a long time! Freakin Hilarious!!!

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Good info. Thanks for the news update and the links on additional game modes.

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YESSSS! Always thought 2k football games were better.

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This is a pretty cool video. I haven't played Mario in forever and it really takes me back.

I'm also trying to figure out why I stopped playing Mario games... IDK.. Gonna sit and contemplate on that.

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I agree with your last two sentences.

"So fellas, stop being annoying sexist shitstains. Girls, stop the whole 'I'm a girl gamer' stuff. We're like to play pong, sex shouldn't come into it."

But I don't think that's the reality. At least not yet. We're not there yet, in my opinion, where it's completely normal to see a girl/woman playing a videogame and all guys fully accept it, and we are also not at the point w...

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